Dimsum breakfast

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i think this was last week! about 22 / 23 august!!

dar0 came over my house to stay over the night as we're heading out in the morning to have Dim Sum! went to ...... Red Star Hotel / Jiu Jia at Chinatown.



the place is super big and still have to queue!! lots of tables and lots of people!


bro who was the chauffeur and joanne came with us!




woohooo fried dumplings!!

i always love dumplings cause there's always a chance of finding shrimps in them!!
and this dumpling has got 2 shrimps in them!! mad love!
its like those QQ kind. feels like orgasm in the mouth. *floats to heaven*


and my bro loves wanton. lolol.


came the main!!

prawn dumplings / ha gao !!

was already thinking of it all the way there LOL.
i love prawns / shrimps!

and we ordered alot of stuffs. and alot of them has got shrimps in it, like banana prawn fritters.


ordered mad lot!!


and the bill came up to 90 bucks.

can you believe, 90 bucks for dimsum!!
lols my mum didnt expect so much. must be cause of my brother.
everything double share. hahahaha~


after that head to TiongBahru plaza to shop.

wanna shop for lingeries but with not much luck.
bought this snack from Japan House!!


and we headed home in the noon!!

the pic was taken in the carpark so it looks like its at night.
i look kinda shag. nuuuuu.



and we had steamboat at night!!

love love!!

mini steamboat at home. all in lieu of my advance birthday celebrations!!

dar0 gave me a baby for a birthday present.
not as in that baby (if you understand) LOL.

shall do all the pictures for the presents received on my birthday!

although didnt receive much birthday presents.......... am still happy :)
dar0's best friend Japer and his gf Natelie even got me a necklace! (L)

i'll be working at Timberland tomorrow from 9.30am to 10pm.
talk about part time work. i expected 8hours but suddenly i was told part timers had full shifts too. worked for 8 hours the other day and its mad tired already.

as in, i have to stand throughout other than the 1hour meal time provided.
i can shop for 7hours on my feet but not standing!! nuuuuuu.
and tomorrow's 12.5 hours. not a good feeling.

but its nice to serve customers. especially in lieu of YOG, get to meet a lot of different people!
the angmohs are all so interesting! all with different accent, and they are very decisive and easy going!

am looking forward to my transfer from Raffles City outlet to Changi Airport terminal's outlet!
can get to meet even more people! everything is great, just the standing part is a minus.

shall be off to get enough sleep!!

(P.S.) by the way, will you help me click on the advertorial? ^^
i just need another $1.30 to receive my paycheck!!

thankyou so much!!


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