Running out of time

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i feel like a totally no life person!

damn it. like totally running out of time. ya maybe like how my dar0 said it, i brought it upon myself. should have applied for leave for throughout my whole exam period.

worked 12 hours + yesterday and 8 hours+ today. standing. leg sore like mad!! and i dont really have the time to study. althought i started studying 2 weeks back, i still feel like i learnt nothing. its theory and its not math. confidence come to me!!

well, can only say im 3/5 done. 1/5 to the theory and another 1/5 to undone revision papers which makes me feel better only after doing it. i totally have no life anymore T__T

now im suddenly so envious people have time to study argh!

its like work - home - sleep - work - home. and by the time i reached home im pretty tired already. dont really have much time to catch up with dar0 either. accompanied him for awhile to Comex earlier on before work to sign up new line to singtel for his Galaxy S. :)\

anyway, have brought back all my work stuffs, boots, shirts and all. cause my next work place is at Changi after my exams. on Hari Raya. and i will be missing out on people going out or what, and i dont think im meeting dar0 during that 3 days. cause my work ends at 12midnight and by then i already have transport back. see, where's my life!!!

anyway, while working i saw my friend (forgot the name!) passing by the shop and he was so shocked hahaha. and also Stanley came over to visit his old colleagues and pass time. had dinner together. told him i only had 5 bucks in the wallet so must go budget.

end up he went to Din Tai Fung! didnt even know there have. and he insisted he treated. ordered so much, 2 bowls of lamian and 10 xlb! the other time i went with dar0 also cant finish already. had prawn dumpling lamien but the soup is very bland. dont try that next time!

now im back home, reading twitters on how everyone is reading. peer pressure!! and its my motivation to start studying even when im mad tired. cannot waste time!!

yea and toodles.

on a side note, i feel quite sad cause up till now, my dad haven even called / text me to wish me HappyBirthday!! sighhhhhhhhhh.

will be more understanding

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