my busy schedule

3:20 AM JustJaslin 0 Comments

im am gonna be busier this 2 weeks!! shall show you what i mean!!

2 Sept - AAA Paper
3 Sept - Working full time 9.30-10pm+
4 Sept - Working noon shift 1.30 - 10pm+
5 Sept - only day left to study FIT / SOM
6 Sept - FIT Paper
7 Sept - SOM Paper
8 Sept - Study for PMKT day
9 Sept - PMKT Paper
10 - 12 Sept - Noon shift at Changi Airport T1 3.30pm - midnight.

most probably will not be working after 12 sept. think the job not suitable for me.
but i feel damn paiseh to tell them that i dont want to work anymore after that had applied the airport pass for me already. lol.

and my dar0 @kejun87, you can dota whole noon already!! dont dota when i can finally get home to go msn ...... :((

tomorrow's AAA paper!! should be looking good. need to print stuffs tmr!! toodles!!

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