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im blogging here at 3.44am!!

im on my last (ok not really last cause im waking up early tmr to study too) stretch of my studies for Marketing! maybe i can say this is relatively easier to handle cause its just 5 and a half chapters as compared to 10 whole chapters for my previous SOM paper.

as usual, did mindmaps for all my chapters. time consuming, but thats the only way i can put things into my head. well, havent been studying much ever since i got home yesterday (or rather tuesday night) !

hahaha, dar0 came over to stay over at my house for the night after having PastaMania! ♥ and early this morning we went out to meet Japer and Natelie. before that we stopped by at the fish shop, and i bought two goldfishes again!! thanks dar0 ♥

hahaha, not the 20 cent feed those arowana kinds. its the super super fat one! originally wanted to buy 1 and dar0 asked me to get 2. shall post it up when i manage to take a pic of it! now his house, other than being a fighting fish empire, he has freshwater kim bak lor, Nemo + Johnson, and my two goldfishes!

hope my goldfishes live long and not die out of no reason :(

yep and we had La Mian XiaoLongBao at toa payoh hub for lunch!! ohh all good food!! natelie and japer decided to skip both their lecture / class and we went to dar0's house. just studied a bit there before heading back to Toa Payoh again at night to catch Going The Distance.

Going The Distance - heard someone saying its nice and so we watched it. expected it to be a romance story, but didnt expect it to be about long distance relationships. :)

and guess what, we ate at BBQ chicken after that!! another good food!! yum yum. actually i forgot its more of those more pricey fast food / restaurant (you call it). thought it was another kind of KFC and i said to try. =X kinda pricey considering so much money we spent on food and movies today, but their chicken is better than KFC's

and dar0 treated me most of them. felt bad for his wallet. + guilty. hahaha. shall scrimp and save over the next few days and work harder at Changi on friday onwards! although i think im going to spend another sum of money on doctor fees again.

cough's back out of no reason, especially at night with no reason. plus now i have difficulty breathing when i start to cough. its like i can be perfectly fine at one moment, and the next im coughing my lungs out. to the extent you cough until you feel like you're coughing out your gastric juices and i feel like retching. lol.

just remember the other time i went to my usual doc for cough, she asked me a series of questions and said that if i dont treat it, it will lead to asthma / bronchitis. and she asked if i had trouble breathing, but during the previous time, i dont have.


mad worry. but im worrying about the doc fees. wont be telling mum cause she'll nag say everyday i sleep so late and waste her $$$ on medicine. sighhh. 20 plus plus, gonna be gone.

ahhhhhh pray it wont be asthma anytime soon. but then since young there's one time i coughed until the doctor gave me all her prescribe medicine and told me that she's giving me the last type of cough medicine. should i not heal it will be asthma.

WHYYY. why everytime like that. tskkkkkkkkkkkkk.

waking up early tomorrow to continue my studies!! jyjy myself!
last day of exam, last day before my work starts at airport for 3 days straight! dont know if i'll get to see teokejun. but i think he's busy tomorrow. so if im not meeting him, i wont be meeting him till monday. nuuuuu.

i miss you already :(

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