Busy in and out!

1:16 AM JustJaslin 0 Comments

my week spells of B-U-S-Y and its not helping with the fact that its gonna be my last week of holiday!! actually i dont feel like going school at all for the first week, cause there's no tutorials anyway. LOL.

Uncle Alfred also down with dengue fever recently and has to be hospitalised. lol. said it was dengue fever when someone said he had high fever with backaches and i got ignored. lol. hope he gets well soon! and that means dar0 is gonna play nanny which includes sending kids to and from school and tuition. hahah.

Recently dar0 also alot of stuffs on! saw him struggling with company stuffs in the noon, picking and fetching kids in the evening, and property agent stuffs almost 24/7. and its not helping with the fact that he has failed the property paper1 2 times in a row and his last chance is just 3days later + he havent studied for it yet!!

Gambatek!! Hope dar0 faster closes a deal.. :)))

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