Down with UTI

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hehehe. i LOVE anything that's with mango

mumma bought this mango danish tart awhile back then from breadtalk. so nice! well its an overdue picture. hahah. i love mango cakes too

speaking of fruits, its time to get a healthy lifestyle for me. i wanna go out for a walk / job frequently or oftenly!! who wanna accompany me. but my nike shoes sucks cause its not seasoned and it gives me blisters everytime. T_T


and this guy here right now is sick!!

and dammit he spreaded the virus to me. T__T i wanna kope his medicine already. after procrastinating for so long finally brought him to the doctor!! clinics are so expensive nowadays. while polyclinics you have to wait damn long.

and my past medical bills have been paid by my boyfee. *so loving of him* cause i couldnt afford and i dont wanna let my mum find out. else she'll be saying i waste her electricity bills in the middle of the night and get sick = waste money again.

JUST YESTERDAY NIGHT ONLY. dar0 said i eat alot sweet stuffs. and ask if i dont get ever sorethroat. and right last night i got sorethroat. and today im down with flu. you should have seen the number of tissues in my room's bin. i sneeze more than 5 times every.single.minute. this sucks!!! shall get a good night rest!!

and speaking of sicknesses...


never ever give the loo a pass when you feel like going .


its kind of embarrasing for me anyway. but still i wanna tell this to everyone! cause after my incident i see alot people holding in their bladder for transport / games or what not! see i care for all of you. LOL.

yea anyway, for my case, yea like most of you, i believed that giving the toilet a pass (cause it's troublesome/you're gonna reach home in awhile) should be OK. since we had done countless times of running through the corridor to get home and bolting through the door cause your bladder is gonna burst. and we're all fine after the visit to the toilet.

and on one fine day after dinner i felt like going to the toilet! but cause it is super inconvenient as its located very far away, i presumed it was ok since dar0 is going to send me home. *bear with it awhile only*

and who knows when i finally reached my doorstep and rushed for the toilet, i felt a sudden pain!! its like some burning pain and my urination is very little! *blush* ok la so embarrasing but still.. let you all know!! i still dont know what happened and i thought it's only this time cause i held back my bladder.

little did i know the pain comes back every single time i went to the toilet. its like those pain which makes you curse and swear. and i bled. blood in the urination!! (freaked me out when i saw this and i thought my kidneys failed!! ._. ) then i started to google about it.

then i narrowed down to something called "Urinary Tract Infection" aka "bladder infection". there's many causes for it, and holding back the bladder was one of the causes. because when you hold back your bladder, your bladder distends / expands. im sure this one u all know, but when they expand till a certain point, your bladder muscles loses its ability.

and having lose its ability, you wont be able to contract your bladder fully and there would still be urine left in your bladder!! (like my case where i only urinate very little after a burning pain) and with the urine left in your bladder, bacteria multiplies and you ends up with urinary tract infection.

and should you delay treating it, it may cause kidney problems eventually!! i was mad scared and worried at that time lor. i got it on a friday night. decided to go for doctor on a sunday noon!! but who knows ALL clinics closes on sunday noon! was very anxious already. YET i had to wait till monday to see my doctor!! if you remember, i was cursing all doctors and clinics on one sunday afternoon on facebook.

yea and by then my doctor say my condition was somewhat serious already, but still able to treat with a course of antibiotics. felt so relieved! and doctor bills came up to 40 plus. .___. so expensive!! (and my loving boyfee accompanied me and paid for my bills <3>

yea and all's NOT over when you visited the doctor and got your medicine. the antibiotics sucks big time as its MEGA big. i always had a problem with swallowing pills and it doesnt help with the pills being MEGA big. and i was also prescribed with some weird tasteless carbonated power-drink too!

yea and times spent visiting the toilet was hell and i dreaded it. moreover even when the pain has subsided, it takes TIME for the BLADDER MUSCLES TO HEAL too! and couple of weeks following that i am still making frequent visits to the toilet. so sad lor. =(

such an expensive and hard way to learn a lesson.

which is when you dont go to the toilet and try to hold back your bladder.

seriously, this is NOT advisable!! next time just make a slight detour to the toilet when nature calls. its not gonna take long also! dont be like me and learn it the hard way. =\

OKAY getting late. i need my goodnight's rest. hopefully i would be able to wake up early to visit my boyfee. else he will sure skip his morning medicine slot. *cross hands i'll be able to wake up!*

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