Lousy School Policies

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it feels like a saturday today already!!

and this week's school week has been shorter, like a 3 day school week, cause my lessons on thursday is only 1 hour long and friday is a holiday!!

but having a holiday isnt too great either. cause alot of my lessons and lectures had been rescheduled to unearthly times (to me). imagine friday makeup tutorial was supposed to be posted to wednesday 4-6pm.

and only when my tuesday lesson ended at 3, thinking i can happily go home and nap, suddenly tutorial changed to tuesday. oh f!!!!!!!!!!!! never bring tutorial notes, nothing at all. so went up to the classroom. sat for a very long time still empty. and what? tutorial changed AGAIN!!! from 3 to 5 change to 4 to 6?!?!

dislike tutors who dont state clearly in their emails lor. and about the 15 minutes removal grace, its BULLSHIT i tell you. 1minute late for class and we're ABSENT. nice. and now out of 5 tutorials, 2 of my tutors are late.

now what, tutors late = no fault,
we late = 'dont-give-me-all-your-excuses-late-means-absent-endoftopic-fullstop"

so in return, NP said all classes will end 15minutes earlier. and guess what? tutors happily dragging time from supposedly 3.45pm to release us to 4.05pm. nice. cause tutor thought it was our last lesson of the day and just dragged. pissed maximum lor.

yea and everyone is saying "ya this is life, accept it" .___.


and talking about schoolwork, i think its pretty dang sad that its only into my 4th semester of studies in poly then did i realise consistency in work is very important. and you seriously need ALOT and i mean A--LOT of self discipline man. hopefully can pull up my GPA still.. not much time left to do so.

its a stay home day today!! was just doing my tutorials, housework and so on. mum's asking why isnt kejun87 here "is he coming? i cooked beehoon" first thing in the morning when i woke up. then after that "where is he ah? he cannot come is it?". lol. and my bro was like "why kejun like never come one".

and every other day my mum was like questioning me why dar0 isnt staying over. lol.

yea and its saturday tomorrowwwwww. maybe shall head out. do some shopping / go find out my project stuffs. speaking about shopping, i've come to realise shopping alone is really good!!

unless you can find someone who shops for exactly the same type of clothes / stuffs as you do, shopping with a friend is like weird!!!! and half of the time i'll be shy to enter the shop and the other half of the time i'll be like thinking topics to continue the conversation. hahaha.

told my friends i shop alone one and they were like "WHY SO LONER??!?!" HAHAHAHA. i shop alone doesnt mean i lonely!! can go wherever i like and rest whenever i like. and make as many circles around the place while contemplating whether to buy that particular blouse not. GOOD!

YEA. but no money la, need to save. dont know why all $$ fly out so fast!!

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