Guys and Dota

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its kinda hard to get a girl's feeling through a guy's mind isn't it?

no matter how we play it down. yet when we play it down we're afraid he wont get it.

but yet if we told the guy how we really feel without playing it down, chances are the guy would probably feel that you're some demanding and un-understanding on his part, leading to a cold war.

i dont like that, really.

guys dont really get the idea of gaming, do they? not that im angsty, but im just frustrated over it. how do i put it out in words here?

i want to talk this over before this comes between us, but what if i dont have the chance to talk to you about it at all?

before you all guys start thinking why we girls are all so uptight about your gaming habits, have you guys ever put yourself in our putting yourselves in our situation?

what if we girls started to have our own girl-time every.single.night for a couple of hours straight, only replying to you once every hour? and slowly its slowly turning into a .. routine?

have you ever understood as to why we girls always say you're not giving us enough attention, and you can never ever figure out the reason why?

or has being together for a period of time makes you feel that we girls are no longer fun and interesting like before?

before you guys start to confront your girl asking "why is she acting this way" or "what do you want me to do?" could you guys be more understanding on our part too?

cause whenever i try to bring this up with my guy, he seems quite pissed off / agitated with me. im not a girl whose good at words, so end up my he gets the wrong idea of what im trying to say and we'll probably end up in a quarrel.


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