Another blogskin!

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wooo... 4.25am and i just started blogging. was changing skins since like.... 9pm plus? pro me!

(ok i blogged half way yesterday and saved as draft cause its too late!)
so now its a sunday rainy morning :)

been doing lots of tutorials and supplementary questions over the last two days, hence decided to take my mind off my schoolwork. end up spending so long on revamping the blog! no more white frills and etc. now going for black!

took a long time to find a skin with the kind of layout i want. (especially those based in center!) plus with the necessary navigations. ok although this isnt exactly what i had in mind, but it's close enough!

this was the orginal!!

ok from now on im going to talk about the blogskin LOL. so you guys know the hardwork i did!


i practically changed everything LOL. now i feel my title fonts like mad chio. hahaha. and my font is bigger already. so wont seem so small in contrast. then started to find background... own display pict (find already still edit!) - picture credits of @sharlyn's Nikon and dar0 being the camera guy. haha!

and i removed quite a few navigations. i suck at editing this type of navigations though. removed the prologue cause i think its pointless to have a profile, since im not revealing anything LOL. plus the transparent background makes it hard to for my words to show against the black&white background.

Ok i know can set the background of that as some color, but ugly lah!

AND, TWITTER TOOK ME ONE HELL LOAD OF A TIME. there was supposed to be a twitter part where you guys can see my real time tweet. changed from widget to timeline, back and forth again. then the TwitterAPI Authentication keep popping up, and my twitter widget shows nothing. in the end decided to remove the whole thing.

and credits part i decided to leave the background transparent cause i think its not nice. you guys want find out who is the author can go highlight. but credits to them only up until the screenshot i showed you. the rest is by ME. muahahahaa.

now is for the tagboard!! im thinking of removing it, since i enabled "comments" at the end of every post. and allowed anyone (need not have google account / must sign in to comment), so it might be easier for anyone to comment.

but if remove already, my navigations would seem so empty!! now left 3 only.

BY THE WAY, i've also hidden my playlist under addiction. so you guys wont complain my blog noisy or whatsoever. :D cause the playlist is for myself, cause i dont get to find nice playlists on the net. hahah.

P.S. so now im still figuring how to make a navigation button where once i click it'll bring me back to homepage!! T_T

hehehe and other than that, i think my blogskin madchio HAHAHAHAH. the one and only one! *throws confetti in the air*

Update: after updating i realised that either blogger suck or there's something wrong with the codes. i cant change the font color of my posts. T____T i thought color codes should be like #000000 or something? why blogger the color comes out at #Apple_Span? ?????

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  1. test. woohoo anonymous also can comment!

  2. Hahaha mine is Canon lah! :P

  3. The twitter stream doesn't show cause your profile's locked!

  4. @sharlyn LOL i forgot!!
    @yijing wahh makes sense. you damn smart! but i dont think i will publicise it... suan le!