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hehe hello all!

regarding to the above picture, i am a proud owner of boyfee and I's Samsung ST550!
i took this when i was walking down the corridor to the lift lobby. walking!!!
i was still walking when the shutter clicked. and it came out a very clear picture.

i am impressed!!

and talk about sunlight, camwhore pictures are really best taken under natural sunlight.
kind of makes your skin glow! i like :)

other than the usual rantings,
i am going to introduce you a blogshop which im sure most of you had heard of / seen of.


this brown tote bag!!

remember there was this period i was asking you guys to help me like a picture on facebook?
yes i was referring to this!! it is actually a contest set up by ClubCouture on facebook!

contesters would have to comment on the item they would wish to win, and win simply by garnering all friends to help 'like' your status!

as you know.. i have NEVER won something like that before.

and i was thinking of trying my luck when i saw this bag! after all the highest number of likes at that time i commented was just only 9 comments. i thought it would be easy!! then i started to spread the link through twitter..

and especially my jeanie dear. she asked all her friends (i think about 20) to help support me!! and at that night i ended up with 30 likes already. i am leading!!! and i decided to head for bed.

the next day when i got to school, i checked and another contestant has got 40 votes!! was thinking of giving up. but.... after thinking awhile... why should i?!?! afterall i already had 30 plus.. should be easy to reach 40...

and when my likes climbed... that contestant's likes jumped too!! was so anxious. and then i started to pass the link around my msn contacts... talk about cheap thrill.. hahahah. then people started encouraging me and wishing me luck!!

i am so so happy. i mean, i feel really blessed to have these supporting friends. XOXO!!

and at the end of the contest... i had..........



thanks to each and every one of you who had bothered to help me like my comment.
i am touched!! very. love all of you! muacks muacks *flying kisses*

and i waited anxiously for their congratulations letter, and all i had to do was to give my address.
then they had invited me to be their member!! No, i was already in their member list!! Without any of my contacts / sign up information.

and they had guided steps for me to fill up my particulars.. since my instant adding into their member list's requires the procedure to be slightly different. and i received a 20% discount voucher for signing up! :)) you girls should do too!!

while for my package, i was expecting to receive by postage. since it was going to free and i wasnt expecting. and they sent it by Courier!! to make sure i received the package and even sent me the tracking number. service thumbs up.

and after a few working days i received it!! (it takes slightly longer to receive by courier).


and my hair isnt red. its the wonders of Photoshop!!

(something wrong with the sizing of this picture though!)

anyway, the number on the box is '4504'. ya go buy 4D!


more selfshot with the box. hahaha.
and the contents are even more wonderful.

there's a booklet and my bag was carefully wrapped.
best package i ever received throughout so many years of shopping online. lol.



as seen in the picture!!!

but things isnt as pretty as it seems..........
cause its faulty.

i'll show you why.


i guess this must be where they either kept the bag in a very dry place for too long.
or the leather is too dry. and it cracked!!! so goddamn obvious. :( cant patch, only can by something to sew onto it and cover it.


and there's a hole underneath one of the side pocket.
my heart plunged.

i spent to much time yet in the end the bag isnt of good quality... T_T
boyfee was with me that time, and i asked him what i should do.

then i referred to the booklet inside, and there was this 'Return' section where we get to return our products to them if the goods are probably spoilt, you couldnt fit into the clothes, or you are fickle minded and decided to change colors for your purchase.

all accepted! just send back! its like quality warranteed!

BUT, since i got this bag for free, i dont know if i am like allowed to send back.
if send back, like abit thick skin hor? free still want nitpick...

but boyfee encourage me to email them, cause he say ClubCouture treats this as a real purchase.
i have my doubts! but then why not give it a try.. then i submitted my return order.

then i decided to email their personnel too! to clarify matters. i mean, i also dont want to waste $$ send back, in the end they say we cant make a change cause its free, then its like a waste of time and money! cause they would have to send back to me again.

and guess what i received as a reply?


ok in case you cant see, i shall type out the main contents.

"hi jaslin,

we're really sorry about the defect in your bag and have feedbacked to our design team to determine if the fault is a manufacturing issue and will work on tightening our quality control.

for now, as the bag is sold out, please accept our $50 voucher (no minimum spending) to make up for this experience. simply log on to our singapore store at and enter gift cert XXXXXXXX in your bag before checkout to redeem it.

thank you for your patience while we work together to give you more reasons to love clubcouture."

wow. i am getting a $50 dollars voucher!!!! in return for this defective bag which i for it for free. the exact amount my bag is worth in SGD. i am in love with clubcouture already!

win a free bag, service good, and on top of that they are giving me a $50 voucher as a compensation. although there isnt any more bag in the same design....

and if they gave me a voucher... i should in the correct sense return their bag right!! like goods against money. so they could check the bag too. but they didnt said it in the email, so i emailed them again to ask if i should return the bag. and..........


OMG OMG. i get to keep the bag too!! i am really in LOVE with clubcouture. Thank you so much!! and also, thank you to all my friends who had helped me got the bag in the first place. i feel so lucky!

so with the $50 voucher and another 20% discount voucher at ClubCouture, im looking and thinking what i should get! was thinking of getting a formal dress for myself. the only one which caught my eye was the Angel Earth Chiffon dress which was designed by HollyJean. i love how the fabrics flow from waist down. but too bad..... no more S size. only in L. sigh!!!

meanwhile i'll just hold on to those and wait for new arrivals

Again, big Thank You to ClubCouture and ALL of my readers / friends who supported me! (L)

here is their website:
or you could visit the singapore's domain here:

service is thumbs up!


yeap toodles all!!

i am back to my tutorials and revisions!

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