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Im here for a short blog post!!
after all that advertisements, felt that my blog is lacking of life.
too little details about me HAHAH.

anyway, with regards to the picture above, it was the curls which I had after trying out Xiaxue's hair curling method! Had to bun up my hair overnight, and i would say the results are there.

As in, it really has a soft toned wave to it. But I felt that it doesn't suit me. LOL.
Like the wave is too..... big? Volume? hahaha! Aiyah, whatever.

Oh, and guess what? common tests are over!!!!!! Some of the papers were really killer papers. while some of them were like, give-away papers. LOL. perhaps it's cause our teacher left us a lot of hints. But now i have a lot of sleep debt!

Even stayed up overnight to do revision and the review of the BB cream, thus my sleep cycle is in a big mess now. Actually im feeling quite tired already. But since my paper just ended, it feels so good to stay up late to do whatever stuffs i want!

Besides, dar0 and I have been going down to ECP pretty often these few days. He goes there to fish, while i go there to........... catch fish? LOL. Its kind of fun to catch fish using a net! As in, i would just go near the breakwater where the waves come crashing in, then i'll just randomly play around with the net.

AND I'VE GOT SO MANY CATCHES!! all mini fishes and shrimps! they're all in dar0's seawater fishtank now. And guess what? there's actually lots of mini crabs hiding in the holes among the breakwater!! so fun ^^

i have all of their pictures in my camera!! will try to update here!

AND, i will be meeting my girlfriend shiyun later for a shopping session! Long time since we went out to shop! She's always mugging for her A levels when i practically had nothing to do. And when her A levels is finally over, i have my common tests. haha!

yay, shall have a girlie session!! will be bringing my camera out, cause i realised we hadn't really took a picture together despite being besties! talk about irony.....

till then! toodles!

P.S. haters always hate, no matter how hard you try. Love you all! Merry Xmas in advance!

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  1. Helllo senior! :D Miss you too :D Currently, we are not in cchy le.. graduated. :D Haha. Anw, merry christmas in advanced! :D