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oh crap. i AM really very poor.

just barely into wednesday, third day of the week and i had already spent 50bux. $20 from my mum, $20 from my savings, and $10 from my piggybank. was thinking where did my money go to. so i thought of calculating here. LOL.

ok, i still have $4 left in my wallet haha.

  1. $5 spent on printing school materials (i am convinced its more expensive to print in school than to buy ink cartridges now)
  2. $6 spent on buying Merci chocolates for mum
  3. $5 spent on eating KFC with dar0 on monday :D
  4. $2 spent on coconut (LOL)
  5. $5 spent on newspapers, sugar free sweets
  6. $1.50 spent on a drink at coffee shop
  7. $5.50 spent on food for yesterday
  8. $3 spent on food today.
  9. i forgot what i ate on tuesday.
SHIT WHERE DID THE REST OF THE MONEY GO? i scrimped and saved on my food you know. i ate porridge for the whole of yesterday. total only 30 bucks ley... arghhhh.

financial management module didnt help at all.. okok i shall go get some dinner. :)

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