Christmas, 1st Year Anniversary

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It's been a year!
On every Christmas.

I remembered when dar0 brought me to my previous boss' cafe (Offroads Cafe) which is located at Pasir Ris' Park (right beside the horses' stable), it was only shortly after our first monversary.

And he asked me why hadn't i told him earlier of this place so we could go to that place to celebrate our 1st month. Then he said "it's okay, cause we still have our one year anniversary".

At that point of time, I didn't say anything much and just smiled. Really, i have no idea why but i was slightly shocked by his words. "One year". Then i kept wondering how it would be like, to be in a relationship for one year. It seemed so far, considering we were only at our first month.

Even my longest past relationship was only up till 9 months plus. How would one year be like? Would my feelings fade? Would he get tired of me over a period time? Would we quarrel some where along the line and broke up?

And here we are, still strong at our one year anniversary. Of course, not forgetting the quarrels we always have now and then. And he'll always be telling me that there's nothing too tough we can't solve as long as we stay together. Looking back in time, it seemed like everything just happened yesterday. :)



hehe i have no idea why his eye looks teary. Maybe he's too touched. LOL.

Met my boyfriend at Bugis Junction on Christmas Eve! Cause he had to buy some shirts for his brother's upcoming wedding and we have yet to get Christmas Presents! Countdown BBQ and gift exchange at his house in the evening!

Lots of people everywhere at Bugis Junction. And i really mean L.O.T.S of them. Had trouble finding him, walking zig zag across all those temporary stalls head turning left and right. Still cant find. Lol. Then raised my voice over the phone cause dar0 asked "Why you walk so far away!?". Lol. He said i crushed his heart and made him disappointed. Oops. But i have my troubles locating him!

Anyway, enough said. It's BBQ at his house!! I love BBQ food ^^ And dar0 and I were busy experimenting Sheng Xiong's marshmellow web. hahaha. Lots of people came over! I bought a eye massager for the gift exchange!

And guess what i got in return? Ferrari Extreme Perfume!!


Our gift budget was $10 for those aged 24 and below.
And the rest were at a budget of $20 for the gift exchange!

Was quite a pleasant surprise when i received this!! Dar0 said I must be very lucky cause i landed myself with the best present of the night! Cause Meiling Ahkim had just struck lottery recently and her gift is very generous ^^

And dar0 was happy cause he could use it hahha.

Soon after, most of the adults went off. Hence the few of us just kept on BBQing the leftover BBQ food! Then dar0 came down and asked me to go up.

And he had a present and a letter on his bed!!!


A SK Jewelery Box!!

And guessed it must be a necklace! hahaha.
cause he asked me if i had any allergy to any necklace earlier on.



my second necklace from him!!

Last year, he got me a Tiffany and Co necklace and bracelet and a bouquet of blue roses when he asked me to be his girlfriend. *still relishing in happy thoughts* hahaha.

But too bad as time passes, the necklace lost its shine and eventually turned into a shade of grey. I tried baking soda to polish it. true it helped, but i guess the protective layer worn off due to the chemical effect. And it got dirty easier.

And he got me another one this year! Think i shall not wear it everyday. Then it'll be bling bling in its box! Shall show you more pictures! I tried to take very close up shots but i dont know why its still not clear enough.

Its 2 hearts, one in White Gold and the smaller one in Rose Gold ^^. I still dont know what is the difference between Silver and White Gold though. Dar0 said he is going to faint from explaining to me. Lol.







Contents shall not be revealed!!

Dar0 had been asking me what do i want for my Christmas gift. So i told him i wanted a handwritten note from him. Then he said No, cause he had never wrote any letter to any girl and his handwriting sucks. ToT

hehehe and he wrote me a letter!! Letter or Card as you name it. Happiness x99 (L)

And soon after that, dar0 came over and stayed at my house for the night! Then its my chance to give him his presents!!!


Nicely wrapped gift!!
I love this wrapper! The red square at the top right makes it looks like as though it's a parcel!

Dar0 said it should not be opened as its wrapped so nicely. lol.


Him taking pictures!


Its actually a set of push up bars for him.
Cause i see he had been eyeing them for quite some time already. hahaha.

The other time at Kallang Leisure Park he had wanted to get one for himself.
But decided against it in the end cause he thinks its pricey.

He's so stingy with himself!! Yet buying me those lavish stuffs. hehehe.

Anyway, that is Part 2 of his gift!!


This is his Part 1 gift!!

Gave it to him earlier cause when it arrived at his house via registered postage, he went to took a peek at it!! Spoilt my surprise. T___T this guy is so hard to surprise. Since he saw it already then decided to give him first!

Waterproof Toy Camera!!!

And you know what? Minitoons is selling them now at only TWELVE BUCKS. 12 only!!!! Spoil the market!! I got it for him at a much higher price. Basket!!

On a side note, minitoons do not carry this color! hehe.

While he was busying admiring his Part 2 gift, I gave him his Part 3 gift!!!



a pinboard with pictures of us :))))
think it took away his breath!!

him touching, feeling and absorbing the different parts!

Then he said i was very clever. brought his heart down earlier in the day when i raised my voice over the phone. But now I've brought his heart up, to a even higher place. ♥

spent a few nights doing it, on those days which i did not meet him!


cause i got carried away with the printing of pictures (haha), i had placed the excessive pictures at one corner! Its like a slideshow.. so he could always change the pictures!

should he get bored of it he could put the picture to the back and its another picture again ^^


and those continuous pictures which never fails to make me laugh!



And highlights is that I've picked out pictures which represents the most significant event throughout the last 12 months! So there's one for every month ^^

The "12 Months From Xmas" was derived from the song "12 Days to Xmas" hahaha!
Thought it was too much of a cliche to put "Happy 1st Anniversary!"

Creative or not?!?! hahahah!!

sharing ideas with you girls so maybe you can get some inspiration with your present!!

With all of that... hope he likes it!! ♥


I love you dear!

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