Welcoming New Year

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Happy New Year everyone!!

hehe. Sorry for the lacking of updates, as celebrations are everywhere and my school term is back again! which means deadlines are flying everywhere! I dont really do my New Year Resolutions in January... so, i have no idea what i should update on!

In the past few years, 1st of January means something to me. As in secondary school, we always got promoted to the next year as January rolls by. But not so much for Poly life. As our year officially starts in April, there isnt much anticipation for January. And having a school term which starts officially at April makes you lose track of time even faster!

And during this december, we only had a two weeks break for Christmas, New Year, and rushing projects! School had just barely started for two days. 6 more weeks to go, and we will be in our study week, after which would be our examinations and long holiday break? In total we will be having a break of 2 whole months!! absolutely looking forward to it!

Since we have barely a few weeks before examinations are around the corner again, deadlines for projects are flying everywhere. Have i mentioned that already? For the first time in my life, i bought a 2011 organizer. Or whatever you call it.

When people gave me organizers in the past as christmas presents / diaries which you receive when you promote to the next year in Secondary schools, i think they are much of a nuisance. Why the hell do i need them?? Now do i fully understand.


Other than the mundane routine of my everyday life, I do have a few exciting events upcoming in my calender!! It will be Kedi and Angela's wedding this coming sunday! ^^ Have yet to attend any wedding dinners so far! Egg-cited!

Dar0 have been asking me to go get a proper dress way before december. I supposed its around early december. Hence i just took my time to go out and find. As usual, prices at town are way too steep! End up walking in circles at Far East Plaza the other day, and got a black maxi. It was the cutting i wanted! But too bad, boyfriend said the material isnt good. He said since he would be giving me some money to go buy, i should get a proper one.

Cause he's going to wear a tuxedo! (?) hehe i think so! So over the past week or so i had been doing googling, googling and more googling. Cause most of the dresses available in retail outlets are either too steep for their prices or the design and material of the dress isnt suitable.

And by steep, i meant $160 and above for a evening dress. Boyfriend had been asking me to find those cocktail dresses, but i think it would be nice to get a long dress for formal occasions. After all, my wardrobe is lacking of one. And usually cocktail dresses has a weird way of hugging my curves. True they are nice, but cause I'm quite petite, the cocktail dress looks too long for me (?!)

Woes of being petite. There is a certain length where your short dresses should end. An inch longer than that certain length, it makes you look way disproportionate. I am serious!! So i decided to get a long dress, makes me looks taller ^^

And guess what? It isn't easy hunting for a nice evening dress online either. There are VERY VERY few e-business shops which sells them. Most of them are either too casual, or the nicer ones are all sold out.

Sunday is the wedding dinner and I have yet to get a proper dress for myself this morning!! Hence hopped to Causeway Point before my school today in hope of finding something nice. Too bad it was under renovation and lots of shops were closed for business.

School ended at 4 plus, and it was a bad choice to continue my search with my bulky bag and laptop. By bulky, it means a shoulder bag that is 4kg heavy, and a laptop which adds on an additional 2kg to my load!! I had my bag weighed when i reached home!!


So i hopped over to Far East Plaza, now determined to give a second look to all cocktail dresses after a futile search for nice long dresses last weekend when boyfriend accompanied me to Tampines to hunt. And guess what? I bumped into Natelie!! The situation under which we met was pretty hilarious.

I was walking into TheBlogShop cause it was pretty empty with just one other girl browsing the clothes off the other rack. So i was at the left rack and this girl was at the right rack. When i decided to leave the store i forgot that i had left out the rack of clothes in the middle. So i did a U-turn back to browse.

Then that same girl who was at the shop when i went in, was at the middle rack too! So i just stood beside her to browse........ and i accidentally dropped a dress. And of course i promptly picked it up to put it back.

THEN, i started to take notice of the girl beside me. Such long hair..... reminds me of Natelie. And then i glanced up higher. Short fringe....... light colored hair. Hmm really looks like Natelie. Then it kind of dawned on me that "Is it natelie?!" then i tilted my head to get a better look and it turns out to be her LOL. And she took quite a few seconds to figure out who i was. hahaha. Hilarious much. We then continued shopping for a few rounds before she went off to meet her sister.

And back to Far East Plaza, i seriously think there is no pretty cocktail dresses either. And since i had been to Metro earlier this morning at Causeway point, decided to check out the Metro at Paragon. After all i had reserved a dress which I am having second thoughts because it is not really the color i wish to have. They only have it in black and purple!

As i walked, i popped by Tangs to check out if there's any interesting dresses too. Bad choice. All for the middle aged hahaha. Then i passed by Lucky Plaza, the famous hangout which maids hangs out at lol! No harm looking around so i popped in too! Went to the 2nd.. 3rd.. and 4th floor. Didn't see any shops which matched my search. Just as i turned and was about to go off, I spotted this shop at the corner! Bling bling and full of dresses for any occasion. Hahaha!

They have lots of long dresses. But mostly were quite exaggerated with lots of lace. The salesperson was a Philippino (i guess, but she sounds like Rita hahah) and she showed me lots of stuff. hahaha. but she is very good with her recommendations after telling her what I am looking for.

She gave me several dresses to try and insisted i let her see how i looked like in them. And each time i opened the fitting room door she went like "WOW!! Girl this looks so nice on you! Perfect!! You see... here must wear properly.. *then she helps me adjust here and there*" I dont know, but it feels very...... heartwarming? not the exact feeling, but its along the lines, you get what i mean.

It doesn't feels like those salespersons where they tell you you look fantabulous despite the fact that you actually looked hideous in it - just so they could sell off that particular item, and then upsell even more products to you.

So i tried a few, and she gave suggestions on what color to take, which is better for what kind of occasions and so on. And finally decided on a purple dress. yet again. hahaha. She said i should take purple because I have relatively fair skin. (I am not trying to hoot my own horns!)

And guess what, even the price is negotiable LOL. Bought it at a price below my budget.. nice. ^^

But again I had lots of second thoughts when making the payment. It is like: "What if dar0 says the material not good again? How???? This is my second dress already. On a second thought.. it's like abit not worth it ley. Should i key in the wrong number for my Nets so i could conveniently come up with an excuse to leave the store? oh my god she is swiping my card already!!!"

Ok fine. Payment is done. No point regretting. Lol. and i kept thinking if i made the right choice thereafter. hahaha. Luckily dar0 says its nice! Him paying the moohlahs so his views should matter hahaha! =P

And that sums up my excruciating journey of finding the dress for a wedding dinner. HAHAH. you guys think shopping so relaxing meh?! Lots of things going through our head when we get something for ourself LOL. Ok, at the least it is true for my case. hahaha.

getting late! I'll do another blog post on my Charity Car Wash before going to sleep! :)

I got into the Second stage for the Bio Essence BB Cream Blogger Challenge! Bloggers are chosen based on the number of referrals and quality of review. So basically its either the higher numbers of referrals you manage to refer, or the better the quality of your review would proceed you to the second stage.

I did not mention anything about the referrals nor did i advertise my blog extensively for the product. Because i wanted it to be purely based on the quality of my work, on how far am I able to convince people to try the BB Creams. I do not want it to be based on me, asking friends to go get the samples just to boost my referral count.

Neither did i make it known that it was actually a competition / challenge.

I am not shy to admit that i only managed to do 5 successful referrals. Those which had redeemed their samples, i hope you really liked them because i find their BB cream really good and my mum likes it as much. ^^

And to the not so friendly anonymous which commented previously on my review, generously criticizing of my inferior quality of it where i did not even "maintain a certain quality of work" and hence i should be "used to people being critical of my work",..


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