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ah, polytechnic can be such a big word. Now where do I even start? Lots of stuffs had been occurring in school ever since Day 1 of my year 1 life. Some times for the sake of maintaining peace and keeping low-profile, I don't tweet, I don't blog, I don't facebook about them. I observe and keep mum.

But keeping all such things within me for 2 whole years without letting off some steam can be really bad. So, instead of keep mum, I decided to just blog about all of it. I don't really care 2 hoots about offending anyone, because just like you guys, neither do you all give 2 hoots about offending anyone.

I will not be pointing fingers to who I am referring to, but should you think that you may be the one I am talking about, you must be really guilty.

I remembered vividly during my first day of school in Secondary School, my principal told us over the morning assembly that we should cherish our secondary life, because it will be the most exciting and endearing part of our life. Friends and fun. Minus the horrible boring classes. How true it is. But at that point of time, I didn't believe it.

Because all I could think of is continuing my life after my secondary school instead. Polytechnic or JCs. By then we will all grow up to be young adults! Freedom! Large network of friends. What fun!

I still maintained this set of thinking, but not until I experienced the first few months of my new polytechnic life.


Polytechnic, the best thing I could probably think is that I would no longer face maths, biology, english classes and so on. I would be learning something, something that I think it would benefit me. Something that makes sense and what's worth studying for. Education wise, really great.

Friends wise, dont even give a thought about it.

Well, perhaps it is just because I am unlucky that i got into this particular business course where I met horrendous people. But I'll just be blogging ugly things of polytechnic from my point of view. Well, always good to offer people opinions to inside life of polytechnics.

Life is NOT as pretty as how it is painted to you. Past behind those get-to-meet-hot-friends-and-have-a-fun-time image, you will never believe what you will get. Bitches, gossipers, and LOTS of them. My mum has been warning me of such ever since the day i applied for polytechnic, and I simply refuse to believe because, we are all so young, how can people of my age be so scheming / evil / horrendous.

First day of school when you are assigned to different classes, that is the day when politics start to form. Well, it did not take me long to be exposed to the ugly side.


My first class was a very political one. All of my class already had social groups starting from Day 1. Some of the groups included the nerdy group, the study-yet-have-slight-fun-group, to the partying and gossip group. Well, that is what I've observed. Not blowing my own horns, but because i am able to mix with most groups, I see things. I observe things. I hear things.

You know what? People were already backstabbing each other. In class, they can laugh with each other, and behind, gossips gossips and more gossips. HOW CAN PEOPLE GET SO FAKE? and this is not a one-time event. This type of situation will last throughout your entire poly life, and I will get to that later.


It wasnt long before that we start receiving grades for our common tests and so on, that I realised another thing. Should your grades be good, you will be another target for hate-gossips. When I got my first common test results for my 1st semester in school, out of 4 papers i topped my class in 2 papers. One of them was a math-related paper if i'm not wrong.

You know how people would usually ask around before exam period questions like "did you study?!?!"

because I am good with numbers and math, I don't really study for it. So when people ask me if i studied for my paper (math), i'll "abit, not much". And that is the absolute truth!

So in the end when my tutor says "By the way, Jaslin is the top scorer in the class", I was really happy yet stunned YET, at the same time i wished my tutor hadnt said that. You know why? Because promptly, I heard my friend saying "Walao, say never study still get first in class again. Got study say got study lah". Well she was complaining to her friend.

And soon after that, I could already feel their unfriendliness towards me. Well you dont have to be direct to me to let me know, because I have a very good spot on instinct about people's feelings. So from them on, i realised it is best to keep myself low key.


ways of handling a project can be very important too. You should be grouped with someone who has the same preference to handling projects. For my first 2 semesters my groupmates are those who like to have a meet up for every single project and do together.

but you would know that when a group of people get together to work, we tend to get distracted. Facebook, Youtube, and in the end it is not productive at all. Especially so when I got myself a boyfriend, I had lesser time for meet-ups because i really think they are not productive.

So when i missed a meet-up once or twice, automatically they handled me less work (I think its because they think I would not know how to do it if i missed the meetup). So they gave me the simpler jobs and all that. I kept asking if they needed help, but they just politely declined me. So i thought all is well and good.

Not until peer evaluation time. In poly you have to do a peer evaluation form to rate your friend's contribution in the subject, and its only eyes for your tutor. So until one day, one of my group's peer evaluation form dropped out infront of me, and I saw all 100%, and one 56%. Which i presume to be me, because apparently i missed meet ups. Peer evaluation, i got 56% because I didnt do anything. But have you thought, have you given me much to prove myself? no.

So this really taught me to group with people who handle projects the same way as I like. Allocate tasks to everyone, have it done at home and collated by someone.


because I am a virgo myself, I shall explain this to you. Virgos tend to be very critical for work to be done. Such as project works, virgos will want to have the last look (to do the any final editing or polishing if necessary) and would like to have a large span of control for things. Virgos find it hard to trust the work upon someone else to do a decent job too. That's why virgos like to be in charge of things.

so there was once when my project mate was a virgo like myself too. She's V. so V kinda became the leader because she's great. Great at details, even better than a virgo like me. So most of the stuffs were handled by her. There's pros and cons to it. Pros as in, I finally managed to handle lesser and cons were that sometimes it's a bottleneck. Everything's stuck with V, so its up to V to handle and manage the time and work from there.

So sometimes V fell sick and stuffs cannot be done. And being a virgo myself, I am very worried about it. Running out of time, still nothing much done. So i tried to convince V to send me her work and I'll help her handle it and let her proof-read it later on. But no, V doesnt trust me to do the work. So I kept asking her to let me and she just flatly refuse and put it like as though im forcing her ~.~ nearly ended in a quarrel. So in the end i just decided not to care too much.

So sometimes for the bottle neck, everything's stuck and..... not very good. I am not saying V is bad or anything k. NO. she's really good. :) Just saying that perhaps both our personalities and characters might crash.



remember watching movies like Easy A where there's always a group of bitchy girls inside where they define the "Popular Group" those stuff? Seems like they'll never happen, BUT YES IT DOES. and there will be sort of a 'leader'.

So they can practically roll their eyes upon ANYTHING, (i mean, why live life so difficult? why be so critical of others?) they give u a verdict even before you can do anything. verdict like you-are-out-our-group. I saw how one of my friends, who used to be in their circle of friends, got kicked out of the social group. Apparently something happened but I am not really clear about it.

I dont really fancy this group of people so i tried to steer clear. At first I was like, just be friendly. Say a hi or smth whenever we bump into each other. You know what? Now i dont even give 2 hoots about that, because these people had never respected you in the first place. They are the type who can make a very sarcastic remark yet be like laughing and telling you a joke, when the snide remark is directed at you.


you can find them not just in class. I've also met lots of them in my dance groups. This is why i quit my dance groups because I can no longer bring myself to hang out in this kind of environment. Yes this is the truth as to why I stopped going dance lessons.

You know in my dance class, there are people who can be laughing with each other, making fun of each other like they never meant it (but they really mean it). Then behind each other's back, they will start comparing who's technique is better, who dances better, who is this and who is that.

I had dance lessons since my secondary school so i'd say my basics are not bad. When your basics are not bad, you still have to practice them, else you will not be as flexible. So stretching and all that becomes very natural right?

but not in my dance group. When you're lousy in dance, you stretch in class, people see you as hardworking. When you're good in dance, you stretch in class (where usually you can do a ful split, very flexible), people see you as SHOW-OFF. then this will then spark off lots of things which I dont even want to imagine.

(of course, nobody once said it, but as I've said, i am quite spot on for my instincts about how people feel so... self explanatory!)

It is like, having lots of frien-emy? like friend-enemy. they get more hateful when you're better. and so when I cant give my body a good stretch during a DANCE class, this isnt about dance anymore. I dont know, the whole thing is very political, and I dont like it. And that is when i had the final straw after 1 and a half year. I quit. Because when you are good, they see you as a enemy.


So... polytechnic has been like that for me. That is why after school, i dont really like to hang around in class, having lunch with pretentious people, facing pretentious people, attending dance classes with pretentious people. You can never find good friends in polytechnic. If you do, you must be really lucky. :) And I wish all the best for you!

But for me, this is how i see my polytechnic life in the ugly way. It's like battling a social war everyday. I'd only have one more semester to go before I can get out of school and into internship, away from all these political environment.

I regretted not cherishing secondary school life, where people get together is just plainly to enjoy eachother's company and laughter.


You guys are still the best!!

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