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Me and my new red dress from TresLoveChic!! It looks fine on the model and it states the size was UK6-8. by right i should be UK6-8 too but its like SO LOOSE ON ME. (?????)

aiya thats the problem with online clothings. anyway, my first red dress! I love to see myself in red! perhaps because since young my mum and friends had already been telling me red suits me / my skin tone. HAHAHAHA BHB.

Anyway, i wore it out on wednesday!! Went to Marina Sq for JustAcia lunch with Dar0, Natelie and Japer. Because we had the Nebo $10 vouchers for Just Acia! Just realised their set meals kinda cheap, especially with the new $5.90 set meals!

Its like for $5.90, I had a plate of Fish & Chips, with super lots of fries, free flow drinks and icecream! JustAcia had just added delectable soft serve ice cream to their ice cream section!! Love the Chocolate Softserve Icecream to bits. You know those machine where you can just push down the lever and you can make your own cone?

Mac's used to have CHOCOLATE cones instead of the plain ol vanilla flavor for a period of time way back long ago. yummmy yummmmy. dont see them anywhere in the market now. AND I SEE THEM IN JUSTACIA!!!!!!

Just a plate of fish&chips in a coffee shop would cost you at least $5.50 per plate. $5.90 and you get to sit in airconditioned place, sofa seats, free flow drinks and mega love icecream!! I wish to go back there right now.



But before we headed for Marina Sq, we went to Dar0's office as he needed to settle some stuffs. and our poor Samsung ST550 LCD screen problem again. Sighhh heart break. Dont think it would be covered under warranty :(

yada yada. So typical me, i just took pictures of me me me. No pictures of him because he always gives a glum face. ???



my patronizing face!!!


and my standard face HAHAHAHA.


and the MAIN HIGHLIGHT of this blogpost is on my IT SHOW EXPERIENCE!!

so bloody crowded and you meet all kinds of people!! by the way, the pictures were googled!
And I was located at the long stretch of Sony Vaio booth at 3rd floor!


Whenever I went to IT shows in the past, I loved the spacious environment on 4th and 5th level and I always cringed at the thought of 3rd level booth. Its like one long stretch of booth, promoters are usually located behind them due to space constraints and I'll wonder how do they actually pull customers in??

And during my first experience working at an IT show, i am (fortunately and unfortunately) located at the 3rd level. LOL. Dont know to be happy or what. Right next to our sony booth on the right is the PSP booth! They had this eurasian looking girl to play those consoles / WII I'm not too sure. But she's so cute!!! (the one in blue)


So back to my Sony Vaio laptops, had no previous experience in selling any stuff at IT show. Our base pay was very little! - $30 a day. Since we were located at 3rd floor and was the main booth for Sony, it means being able to open earlier and close later. Which in turn means reporting time was 8.30am in the morning and dismissal around 10.15 - 10.30pm!!!

$30 for 14 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was thinking about it and cant help feeling the management is so smart. Gave us such low base so all promoters will either sell hardcore or die selling. I was selling laptops!! So commission for each laptop ranges between $5 to $30 for those super high end laptops. Commission level changes everyday too!

Learnt ALOT from this IT show. Learnt the basic IT terms regarding laptops such as the various processors, ram, hard disk drive. Now i feel like an IT pro. HAHAHAHA. And at an IT show........ its....

survival of the most scheming ones
survival of the one that is the best with words.
survival of the ones with the best luck.

really,... people snatch deals at IT shows, everyday there's quarrels among the promoters about who and who snatched deals from who and who. And the whole team was seperated into 3 main groups??? The pink, the green and the blue. LOL!

I was in the green team. So most of the green and blue team were standing outside giving out fliers / ask people to come over. Most of the pink team were standing behind the booth! No specific locations given to us, so its just that most of us had our usual spots!

So apparently, my friends and I had frequently lost our customers to the pink team as they were always standing inside!! Its like whenever I followed my customers around and when they headed forward to the booth to see the laptops, some of the pink members would come over and talk to my customers!!!!!!!!! (that is if there is no space for me to stand beside them where I can only stand behind my customers)

so bam. thats it, your customers' lost!!!!!!!!!! I understood this concept during my first 20minutes of work. Because my first customer got poached!!! mad angry and I shall hold no barriers anymore about being PAISEH! (paiseh that you accidentally stole people's customers)

Back to the teams, apparently the GREEN team got quite angsty about it but we kept mum. So while chatting with some of the team members, i asked the pink member why they kept stealing our customers in a joking manner. And apparently, the BLUE team kept poaching and stealing deals from the PINK team and that is why the PINK team is going all out. =_____=


So some how, on my first day I manage to close 9 deals!! As in, sold 9 laptops! I dont know whether this number is a good or bad figure because I had never worked in an IT show before. But the seniors kept saying like "wow very good" *thumbsup* (so shy hahaha)

Hehe i think my business marketing module part on how to approach / sell products to customers is a very useful one. LOLOL.

Yea and with 9 sets sold for the first day I was quite happy with myself!! And Dar0 came over to fetch me home at 10.30pm!!! Boyfee was very nice.. he came to fetch me everyday after work!! And even bought a Roasta Burger for me for dinner.

Because at such an IT show where you either sell hardcore or die selling, you wont want to have meals!!! Because during meals........

1. When your customers come back to look for you, your scheming members will steal your deal.
2. Your opportunity cost for eating a meal is super high
3. When your customers cant locate you at all........ you lose another deal also!!!

thats why I dont even want to have meals!! some scheming member actually stole my friend's deal, by telling my friend's customer saying she cant find my friend. WHEN MY FRIEND IS JUST SITTING BEHIND THE BOOTH EATING HER LUNCH.


And at the end of the first day, I HAD MEGA BIG BLISTERS!!!!

on places which I never even thought I could actually develop a blister....



was wearing my nike sneakers!!! I hardly wear covered shoes because of my ingrown toe nail. But now it has healed... I am wearing all my covered shoes back!!

But because my blister is really big.. can only wear slippers for the next day.

2nd Day

On the second day of IT show, i wore shorts and slippers to work instead of jeans and sneakers! Because I have no jeans and I have 3 blisters on my feet. The seniors seemed okay with it because when I walked here and there in shorts and slippers, they didnt gave 2 hoots. Not until some people complained. =_______________=

seriously, the word bitch in my dictionary had reached a whole new level.

apparently two girls had an issue with me and complained to the Sony senior. I stood quite near so i heard bits and parts like "how can she shorts and slippers??????????...... .... ... ...." yada yada. Whats the issue with shorts? Seriously, think again. promoters above are wearing mini skirts, lacey stockings and boots. Whats wrong with shorts??? Not like people will buy laptops from me just because I wear shorts? No sense, logic fail.

So the sony senior came over and discreetly told me not to wear shorts because the girls are complaining. And complain that we steal their sales and all that. Seriously, .. I cant even find a word to describe.

Yea and on second day... sales was slow!!!!!!!!!! And i had a slight flu. Cant stop sneezing! I only sold 6 laptops. I like to outdo myself each time.. so i was trying to get around my previous figure of 9 or above. Was quite disappointed with myself, because one of the guy member told me he sold 10+++ sets on the second day alone. I was like "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

By the way, he poached one of my customers. lolol. But i forgave him because he seemed apologetic and the commission was only worth $5 hahahahahaha.

As usual, Dar0 came to fetch me home and my friends said boyfee is so sweet. hahahaha. nah!! boyfee this is for you. compliment!! :P


3rd Day

two more days till the end of IT shows!!! I cant feel like legs anymore. My spine aches everyday starting from 3pm. And each night i sleep at around 1am and wake up at around 7am. So that is like 6 hours of rest!!! and 14 hours of work everyday!!

As usual, had team briefing in the morning, and they were going to announce the top seller! So I sat there, thinking it must be the guy who told me he sold 10+++ sets just on second day alone. Or probably another guy which told me the cashier said he made the top sales (in $$$ and not sets) on first day.

then my manager called out "22" TWENTY-TWO. All of us have a part timer number. And I was number 22!!!!!!!! I sat there momentarily, thinking that the number 22 sounded eerily familiar. Then my friends started nudging me saying its me!!

omg super stunned!!! Because I only sold 15 sets for the past 2 days where the guy told me he sold 10+ sets on second day alone. Totally unexpected ^^ and I got a 8GB thumbdrive as a reward. Another girl got the second best seller because she sold 13 sets! And she got a 4GB thumbdrive. omg i am super motivated now!!!!!!!

in the morning at least.

sales slumped even worse for me on the third day!!! I'd say promoter job is also based alot on luck!!! If you're lucky, you'll meet upon serious customers who came directly to the Sony Vaio booth to get a laptop, not other brands. Most of the customers I had in the day aint serious buyers at all. Explained like 45minutes long to them, only to be replied with a "okay we will consider again, we want to have a look around first" and gestured with a finger saying they'll go upstairs for a walk.


and most of us lost customers to the 4th floor Sony booth, because they were throwing LOTS of free gifts to the customers, when we were told that we were only to give additional 1/2 on top of the original free gifts. all of us complained to our manager!

By 5pm, I was still at my second set!!!!!!!! Super disappointed with myself!! Each time I had my break I'll ponder upon myself where and what went wrong, how to convince my customers even better.

Lucky for me, sales went up again at night time!!! Talked to some china students and they were SO STEADFAST IN BUYING!! wahh i love them to bits. And at night i sold about 5 / 6 sets!! So i closed about 7/8 deals for the day!! Okay lets put it at 7 instead!


By the way, Shiyun dearier dropped in to find me and she bought me a cold Mr Bean drink!! Just what i needed. Thank you thank you!! Working as a promoter you'll never have enough time to drink water. And I started having phlegm at the back of my throat. x.x

Muah muah (L)
(by the way, this picture is a picture of another Mr Bean drink i bought today!!)


4th Day - LAST DAY

wow i can has sexy voice.

alot of us were loosing our voice!!! Due to lack of rest and non stop promoting for almost 14 hours a day. the last day is always the best!!! you know why?

because we are now allowed to throw in whatever free gifts we can give!!! TAKE THAT LEVEL 4 BOOTH!!!! and 4th day is always the best because all people that come forth are usually people who decided to buy after checking out on the 1st 3 days / we can pressure them into buying because they will have no more chance to buy anymore :P

and I closed deals after deals in the noon!! Just a tad bit slower in the night. Sylvia (my primary school bestie) came over to find me too! She's getting a laptop, but not from Sony Vaio hahahaha. Because Dell had a cheaper one. hahaha. But she got me a peach tart!! Yayness!!!

And then i realised, its always my that ONE best friend who bought stuff for me!! thank you thank you!! It was a needy food for me!!! But didnt ate it because I just had lunch at that time!


i love anything with fruits especially strawberries / peach / mangos!!

yea so as I was saying.. 4th day sales was pretty good. Night was slower for me, and i closed a deal from an auntie who was actually being served by one of my members "Andy". Saw the Andy name on her flier!!

She was like saying she decided already. But if I can give a better deal to her than "Andy", she will buy for me. So negotiated with my manager and threw in two more free gifts!! Felt kinda bad about it.. because all i know is that Andy is one of my members at the 3rd floor but i have no idea who he was!

Went to ask around after that and learnt that he is actually one of the guys whom i usually talk to when we have nothing to do. Felt even worse about it. And he also knew that i had stole his deal!!! Because he saw my name on his original customer's flier. kept thinking if I should share the commission with him...

but then i think again... when my deals got stolen they also never share commission with me... then i decided to leave it as it is. gahhhh but my conscience is still gnawing at me.

Seriously, your customers WILL get stolen the moment you turn your head around!!!! I was serving two different customers at one time. So usually if they are just browsing around, I'll ask my friends to serve them. But at that point of them both of my customers are serious buyers!!

oh gosh you can really hate a situation like this. because its like kinda rude to serve A, then occasionally explain some of the laptops to B. some customers will get pissed off one!!! And at that point of time, that notorious girl who is known for snatching customers started talking to my customer!!!!!!!!!!

was quite stressed already and I got pissed off by her. So i just said in her face "sorry they are my customers". So sick and tired of the usual people poaching my customers.

yeada yeada and at the end of the day I closed 10 deals!!! And we hit a target so everyone a bonus of $25 each!! We will not be knowing how much we made exactly until next month when we receive our pay.......

but IF I am not wrong... IF I didnt get the commissions for the various laptops wrong, I think I sold around 32/33 laptops!! And my estimation for my base pay + commission + bonus is around $740+ for 4 days!!! (provided i didnt get the commissions for various laptops wrong, I must emphasize)

omg omg omg. cant believe it is such an amount!!!

Last time when I heard about my friends making around $500 selling Sony cameras at IT shows, I was like so mad awed by it. And now I am making $700 plus!! So happy!!! But again, this is only my estimation!!

Exact amount not known until next month when I receive my pay! :))

This IT show in all is such a ........... educational? eye opener? ... aye I cant find the exact word. hahahah. But i definitely gained alot more experience and knowledge during this 4 days. And it seemed like the longest 4 days in my life.

I cant even feel my toes at the end of each day!!! I seriously bow in respect to show girl models who wear BOOTS / STILETTOS for the whole day!!! I was wearing sneakers / slippers already and my feet still looked like as thou they had just been horribly abused.

And this is all in all my IT show experience!!! Let you all in on the insider information on becoming a promoter at the IT show. Yes the money is attractive, but it is all competition at an IT show!! So think again!!

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  1. Hi Jaslin, this post is really insightful! :) I'm only 16 and I'm going to work as an IT Fair promoter in the upcoming fair! Any tips as to how to talk to customers or memorise all the info needed? I'm not very knowledgeable about IT products :( THANK YOU so much in advance :)