When I Grow Up

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Wanted to blog about my dental scaling and polishing post, but as soon as I researched and editted my pictures, I dont feel like blogging that anymore!! Another time then. Because if I blog now I think the whole post will probably sounds super boring because Im feeling that way now! Lol!!!

still, thank you thank you all who still visits my blog everyday! *another motivation for me to churn up more posts* But lately, I have been watching those Taiwanese dramas where everything is like "zomg so sweet!!!!" which seriously pulls people away from reality.

Then I'll think about me and my bf, then go ...... .. -__- LOL.

And all these dramas never fails to have those Happily Ever After endings where it makes me cant wait till the day "I grow up". You know, when we are young we always look forward to times like "When I grow up... I wanna do XXXX ". Although we do not really know when will be the day we grow up!!

10 years ago while I was nine, I was having thoughts like "when I grow up I wanna... xxxx"
And so 10 years later, Im stil having the same thoughts like what I wish to do "when I grow up"!!

Ok seriously I dont know if you guys understand me or not. LOL. But anyway...... Here are some things which i would want to do when I grow up OR reach a certain age (preferably 21 and my life stays there forever LOL)

#1. Get my Property license cert

I dont know.. I just feel very enthralled by the property market!! Not so much when I was younger.. but as I am exposed to all these now (bf's a property agent!) I can't wait to match people to houses, persuading and letting them fall in love with my recommendations.

So I heard it somewhere before where it goes like "You have wealth if you own a land. A land is also a family heirloom. The estates in the future are this generation's most precious present for the next generation." Actually I heard them in Chinese and I was like "wahhhhhh so inspired". But because I couldnt type them in Chinese on my desktop so I had to do with the translation hahahaha.

So the first thing I do when I hit 21 is probably to register for a course! Yishun has got so many upcoming projects.. Wish they're still available for me when Im 21 lol!! No harm to plan early right!!

#2 Travel around with just friends!!

Since young I would wonder what fun it would be to just sit on a plane and head overseas with JUST your friends (or boyfriend which is even better :P ). My mum have been rather strict in this department so far. - No travelling overseas alone with friends / anyone unless she is there with me.

I don't mean forsaking your parents at home when you go around travelling the world next time when you have the money! But what I mean is like a leisure short trip with friends / bf to places like Thailand, Taiwan, Bali or resorts to have some fun!! Even Genting trip with friends alone would be great enough!!

My brother is turning 24 this year! Even so, my mum is still very strict about this with him as well!! Can you believe.. a guy at 24 years old with his passport kept by my mum. Any plans to go overseas have to be approved by her (which mostly are being rejected). But ok lah, I see that my mum is more and more lenient already, considering that my bro has been allowed to cruises / malaysia road trips with friends lately!

Then I look back at me... omg noooo!!! At least 21 years of age possible?? Last time whenever I mentioned to my mum about all these, she'll just say "wait till you grow up and get married then say..."

Wait till I grow up......... when will that be??

#3. Marry off!

LOL the heading seems so unfilial. hahaha as mentioned, my mum says everything wait till "I grow up and got married". So I assume the day I marry off will also be the day I get my complete freedom! Like flying off to all sorts of countries with my husband then.

The idea of staying with the love of your life forever after seems so.. blissful, happy! But of course, I (and I admit) am also quite in love with the idea of getting out of the house. hahahaha.

But should I marry off early, then I will also have those thoughts like "what if I got married off to my husband early, then my husband will probably also get sick of me EARLIER!!" and then I'll start worrying whatever which happened to my mum might also happen on me. =____=

then I'll be back to the start of the circle of my thoughts and go "Haih better dont get married early." LOL! Its such a vicious cycle!!

Ok thats all for today!! What was supposed to be a patronizing post became such a thought-searching post. hahahaa. Goodnight!!

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