DIY Ringlight!!

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Hi ya all!!

My first picture cool or not?? hahahaha must of course start a new post with something cool!! LOL. Finally had some time out to blog!! Partly because I've got myself a D-I-Y toy!!

How?? Managed to guess it yet??

Okay maybe not so obvious.. how about this!


My eyes hold the answer!! hahahaha. Have gotten myself a DIY ring light!! But it is not done yet, just partially done because I'm looking for materials to DIY my stand!! The above was taken when I was trying out my ring light..

I dont know what the hell got over me but suddenly I wanted to DIY a ring light by myself. Hahaha. read blogs and most of them got their ringlights from Penisula Plaza (or smth) , Funan or Sim Lim square but the price range is from $180 onwards. So steep!!

How? Anyone want to pool money together and get a proper one for my upcoming birthday?? LOL.

Ya anyway, asked boyfriend to bring me out to source for a DIY ring light. Looked through LED lights, round lights and all that, and finally decided on a round light! You know those kitchen ceiling types one?

Yea those! But mine is 32W size and it is EXTRA BRIGHT! I like ^^ No pictures because it is not completely done yet! Because it doesnt have a stand. And I have got no tripod stand! Been checking out some videos online and maybe I shall go check out the raw materials tomorrow to do one!

Meanwhile.. here are some pictures taken with my ring light and Samsung St550 camera!

This is the actual outcome of the pictures taken!! No editing done. And my bare face :D





Does anyone knows if I can use a 40W round light to replace the 32W one?

From the person who sold me the circuit stuff he says it includes a chalk (?!) and fuse (up to 64W) But I am electronics retarded so I dont know anything about it. T__T

Most probably if can I will be replacing it with a 40W one.. Even BIGGER!
If it cant be replaced, may be I might be selling my this 32W ring light!!

Anyone interested just leave a comment!!

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