Just a quick update before I sleep!

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I have short hair!!! or not. Hahahaha.
just hardly see myself in short hair and I kind of like this picture =D

Anyway, my feet is getting better! Thank god!
May have to avoid wearing heels lately... haha.

And yes! Great news is aircon man is coming tomorrow to fix me a new aircon!
I have been sleeping in non-airconditioned room for almost 14days!!!
Under this hot weather.



Btw, when to Guilemard Road Prawn/Crab/Patin Fishing to play after catching the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 with bf, japer and natelie! :) Kung Fu Panda is so cute!! And very touching at the same time, nice!

Anyway for the fishing, we caught around 5prawns, 4crabs and 1 fish! Lol. There's ladies night on friday! Didnt knew, and it means 2rods for 3hours at just $30!

Yup and thats about it, a quick update! Goodnight everyone!

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