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I am blogging daily!!

Today is the last day of my E-Learning! School resumes tomorrow.

But it is okay, my Monday Blues are not that much because it's mid-sem break for me the week following next! Final year in Poly is good in a way that we do not have common tests! Just that we have LOADS of projects with deadlines too short to complete.

Sometimes I prefer to have lots of written papers rather than projects, yet sometimes I prefer projects to written papers. Hahahaha. Makes me reconsider on which route to take on in SIM. To take University of London (which means all written papers) or Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (all projects, very little or no written papers!)

Ok shall not digress too much. I think I'm quite in love with my blog and that is why I am blogging daily! Went out today! To tampines to meet boyfriend while I went to check out the PrettyFit shoes outlet at Century Square!

I thought they were just a normal shoe shop like Mondo, Heatwave and all that. But gosh their prices are higher than Charles & Keith's!! Been blog-shopping recently and those models' wedges caught my eye, went to google and found out they bought it from PrettyFit!

There was a lot of people at the store so I can just try on any wedges that caught my eye without the salesgirl hovering over me. =D their shoes are pretty! and design and quality looks good. Too bad it's out of my price range. :(


Anyway, went to boyfriend's house to clean my Puffer and MoMo's cages before heading over to Marina Square! Bf wanted to collect a fish from a seller there at 7plus. So we actually headed to JustAcia again!!

I love the JustAcia outlet at Marina Square because it comes with a freeflow soft-served icecream!!! Basically I thought they were extinct in Singapore, because the last time I had time, I remember it was from McDonalds!!!

For those who didnt know... McDonalds had chocolate flavoured soft served icecream way back then!! For a limited period of time. I am not exactly a vanilla flavoured person but chocolate, yes!! =D


with some chocolate powder and lime + peppermint icecream below ^^


yea see, everyone is enjoying it LOL.


Bf ordered a Deep Fried Dory Fish rice or something like that.
Very creamy and cheesy and mayonise-y LOL. not my type!


And my Terriyaki Chicken Spaghetti! This is not my first time declaring it,

This dish isnt on the menu though.. it was supposed to come with Ebi Prawn Fritters but I requested to change it to Terriyaki Chicken. And it comes with a lot of mushroom! Yummmmms. Was very hungry and I managed to finish my whole plate LOL.

At first when the dish came and I saw the portion, i went O.O and thought that I couldnt finish it. Who knows LOL. And I even helped bf to finish his dory fish because his creamy food is making him bloated =D

For the first time!! That I helped him finish his food and not the other way around. And I even went ahead to have 2 more cups of icecream and another cup of Lemonade ^^ Such a piggy hahaha.

Going off to print some materials for tomorrow's lecture! Byebye!

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