New skin again!

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Hihi all readers!!

I have been updating a lot of late! Because it's my E-Learning work and much of the assignments had been completed earlier in the week! If you have noticed, my blog seems to have some minor changes here and there!

In fact it is not minor at all. I dumped my whole HTML blogger template and FINALLY learnt (no actually I am still learning) how to use the whole the classic templates available and tweak from there! Actually it's quite easy! And most of the times I went O.O!!!!

lol! It can do so many things! Although there may also be some limitations here and there. Hope you guys the not-so-major-but-is-actually-a-very-major change hahaha.

Okay before I continue raving about my blog skin like I always do, look!!!


Here is my 8-year old air conditioner thats being dismantled and taken down.. Actually it was working fine until repairman A came to fix my brother and my mum's aircon. So from fixing their aircon... Repairman fixed until my aircon spoil... to the extent that it's pointless to service it anymore because specialist foresee that many other parts will break down soon after.

So my mum consulted Repairman B and he recommended us to get a new aircon. And it meant a whole new set of aircon with compressors and everything! Better than servicing it every few months now and the, with each servicing costing around $400!

Yea and I lived without airconditioning for the past 2 weeks!! In this hot weather. Actually I am quite proud of myself that I am not so dependent on it. :)

So here's my new one!!!


Looking pretty in white, fits my white... I dont know what it's called!! We always called it something like cor-ney or something, but I cant google until the right word so I gave up. hahaha.



But look!!!! It's much bigger as compared to my previous aircon and the repairman had to cut some parts away. Now there's a gaping hole in the ceiling and I am quite worried about lizards and cockroachs climbing in and make my whole ceiling their nest! eeek!

Anyway, this was done this morning, and I spend the rest of my day doing spring cleaning for my room. Quite inconvenient because my leg hasnt completely healed! But it is definitely getting better day by day! Just dont understand why the swelling refuses to go down..

By the way.. back to my blog, I want to bring to your attention that I have Tabs now!! And I incorporated my previous blogshop selling my preloved into my own blog!! Now that it is easier to manage both of them!!!

Because those clothes had been with me for a long time.. And they are brand new (!!), I decided to just sell them all away AT/BELOW cost price!!! Price starting from $8 to $13, with one piece at $15.90. And those includes dresses which I've got from Livejournal blogshops previously.

But they were often too big for my at the PTP or somewhere so they dont really suit me. Go Go click on the "SHOP" tab now!! Or alternatively you can click on the picture below!


Here are some of the items on sale at around $11 MAILED!



Most clothes are Brand New In Packaging (BNIP) except otherwise stated!
Please help me clear them alright!! And to make the deal even better,...

For every 2 pieces you purchase,
there will be an additional $2 off your deal!!!

Just email to Do NOT wait for invoices!!! Make payment in advance to secure your pieces. Should the item be sold out, full refund would be made, so no worries!

Based on First-Payment Basis! :)

Thats about it! I will be updating it from time to time!
And I have also listed all these items on!

But the prices here are much cheaper.. for my readers! ^^


On a sidenote, I miss my Puffer (girl) and MoMo (guy) very much!!
I believe this is the first time Im posting their pictures on my blog!!

Cant wait to see them tomorrow!

Speaking of which, Momo did a very stunning thing a few days ago by climbing out of his container and jumped off boyfriend's balcony from the second floor to the first floor... .... thank god he is alright!! And he was busy running around the first storey when bf's grandmother spotted it. LOL.


This is Puffer!

Gave her this name because she likes to stuff food into her cheek pouches!


And MoMo LOL.
he's damn funny when he sleeps, because he wants to eat+sleep at the same time.
And he twitches now and then because we're assuming he has a nightmare hahaha.

yea anyway, they started fighting like a week ago and they're seperated into 2 containers. :)


Ending with another picture of me! Hehe.

I have added some gadgets such as "Followers" all that below, so check them out!! I'm figuring out how to put the mailing list stuff! So... till then! ^^

Goodnight everyone! (^.^)

P.S. and if you liked this post, click on those words below!! hahaha =P

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