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Just a quick post before I continues my study. Year 3 is definitely twice the workload, so hope you guys understand why I have not been updating for such a long time!

Anyway, I have had the General Election stuffs up to my head. Seriously, as quoted from Wendy Cheng, "elections have shown how horribly ungrateful and thankless Singaporeans are."

Yea I may not know many other things about economy / how is the situation like in other parts of Singapore other than my hometown. BUT at least I do HEAR and I do SEE. So, I would like to say in advance that all my views are written based on what I've seen from young till now. In the hearts of Nee Soon.

I tried refraining myself from commenting any further, but what I see hurts the eye. Yes everyone have different ideologies about politics and government matter. Its a debatable issue that will never see the light of the day. Even boyfriend and I shares different views that we fall out with each other. Yes, based on politics.

Anyway, I was reading about Workers' Party's views, PAP views and even the most ridiculous thing from NSP. I dont really care about other towns in Singapore, but at least I would like to share my views. So I came across this :

In short the famous Mr Low Thia Kiang says his party message "Towards a First World Parliament" has sunk in with the people, people in Nee Soon, and so on and so forth. This was also the speech given by his rally vans in Nee Soon. "Vote for Workers Party, towards a First World Parliament".

And you compare it with PAP's rally van speech "Dear Citizens, we have kept our promises, and we will continue to do so. Vote for PAP."

What FOR do we need a First World Parliament? What can you people bring for Nee Soon? Have you gave us any detailed plans? what will be your plans for Nee Soon for the next 5 years? how are you going to improve the lives of Nee Soon people?

What else can do you other than criticizing what PAP has done NOT WELL (note that i didnt use "bad") and promising us big words like minimum wage rage, reduced GST/ Tax, lesser foreigners. And even the most absurb thing - cutting short of army's serving time and invest the army's reserve somewhere else in welfare? oh wow. sounds great.

Think again, if they do all that, what will Singapore run on?? Minimum wage rage, as quoted from my friend Sinren, "Minimum wage rage is not a feasible plan as market rates across industries varies and Sg economy is too small to deduce the fixed amount".

Reduced GST and taxes, having GST and taxes is also a way to reduce the income level gap in Singapore. Lets say if opposition wins the election, I dont really know how the government stuff works, but LETS SAY if they took over. Lesser GST, lesser Taxes, come on, do you think they will give you HDB upgrades,look into finance policies, and so many of the help schemes put in place by PAP government?

Lesser foreigners. Are you looking at foreign workers or foreign professionals? If you dont bring in foreign workers, who will build the upcoming projects in marina bay sands? who will build the upcoming condos? Will singaporeans do? No, because singaporeans are too stuck up with their self esteem where they deem all these jobs to be lowly jobs, and should be left for foreigners. There, you are back to point. we all NEED foreign workers, for the time being.

Foreign professionals. they bring in fresh insights and working styles and ideas. Plus for companies. But to those who dont know, PAP has already put in measures to deter companies from hiring them. Should companies want to hire foreign workers, they must go through red tape like applying work passes or permits for them, which costs MONEY. Yet sometimes companies want to hire them. Instead of sitting back in your comfort chair, complaining PAP has done nothing to control this, please look back into the mirror.

Compare yourself to the foreign professionals. What areas are you losing to them? Find out and go for upgrading classes. In case you're complaining that upgrading classes are expensive again, PAP has put in MANY schemes in place to help you. Jobs with high pays doesnt comes to you. You have to find them, seek them. Yet do we have this attitude? Sadly most of us doesnt. And at the end of the day we point out fingers back to PAP for not doing a great job.

Anyway, if you look for PM Lee's speech in 2010, they have addressed this issue, they know of it, and they are taking measures to control it. If you think I am talking bullshit, come on. Figures dont lie. I also have had project done on this issue of foreign talents in Singapor.


[Non-resident population comprises foreigners who were working, studying or living in Singapore but not granted permanent residence, excluding tourists and short-term visitors.]

Looking at the figures, the increase in population size in about an average of 1million every decade.
The number of Non-citizens we have in Singapore in 2007 was 1,454,700. While in 2009, the number of Non-citizens in Singapore rose up to a figure of 1,786,900.

In just 2 years, the population of non-citizens had grown by 332,200. This has hence led to the growing concerns of increasing foreign talents among Singaporeans. It is also equivalent to 35.1% of the total population size in 2009.

but then, you look again. PM Lee has addressed this issue in this 2010 Speech, saying that they will do their best to control it. And that is in 2010 where non-residents population had grown slower as compared to the last two years. The largest influx was between 2007 and 2009 (for IR projects, Universal studios etc), with a slower increase in 2010.

Who says they are not controlling the crowd? And these foreign workers will only be here for temporary. LKY has already said to "bear with it for awhile". If these foreign workers aint here, who will build the casinos, IRs, USS?

Do you think you'll still be able to sit on USS rides? Do you think umemployment rate would dip so low? Do you think the tourism industry will flourish? Do you think the economy will grow and do you even think you will still receive the payouts today??

Btw, do you think other governments in other worlds would give out money again to their citizens if they have surplus? No. well, in my point of view.

You think that it is the government's job to make the country grow. Yes, but a country is made up of people. People need to unite as a nation and progress together, where government (PAP) shows us the direction and started the initiative to get the ball rolling. Yes there may be unfavourable decisions, but it has to be done for singapore to progress in the long term.

Look at Malaysia, that is the past of Singapore. PAP Lee Kuan Yew has build Singapore from that state to the current singapore now. and now because of some harsh words from Lee Kuan Yew, teenages and young adults today cant take it and decided to vote for the all caring Workers Party? Come on singaporeans, are you all able to clear your mind and think through it? Does MM Lee's words made sense? Do those words actually reflect you???

I am not saying anyone in particular, just a general statement.


And the ministerial pay. Yes, high I know. Sky high, few millions and all that. Yes I am also very interested in that. And PAP has already been addressing that since 2007, and they said they will be addressing it again.

From someone's comment on facebook: "Put it this way, even if the salary were higher, not many capable people are willing to sacrifice their existing lifestyle to be in politics. In some society, MPs have to pay their way to be there. Once they make it the ROI will, more often than not, exceed their investment. The more skilful ones will continue to receive dividends after they leave office. Good that in our society such practices do not exist. Keep it that way."

I dont wish to comment too much because I dont wanna have any unnecessary quarrels with any close ones because alot of people around me are touchy about this issue.

But then again, should someday the opposition took over the place, do you think they will NOT want such a high pay?

Put it this way. Lets say your CEO is drawing a salary of $10million. And when you succeed his place in time, would you say "its Ok, I will do fine with a salary of $5million with my additional workload and responsibilities." I doubt so. Dont forget, opposition also promised fixed wage rage, reduced Tax, reduced GST, and they will NOT resort to hiring foreign workers to cut costs.

Now I really wonder what will Singapore run on.


Anyway, enough of generalised stuffs. Those above are just some pointers worth a penny of your thought. Back to Nee Soon.

This was Yishun a few years ago. The old northpoint. And at that point of election time in 2006, PAP promised us covered linkways throughout ALL HDBS neighborhoods. Yes they've done that. PAP promised us lifts at every levels of every HDB in Nee Soon, Yes they've done that. And even gave us a leaflet to choose what other facilities we want in our neighborhood. And other than that, we have a new Northpoint, new hospital and so on.

To me, PAP have kept their promises to the residents in Singapore, they fulfilled it. Isnt this part of the elections? To improve the lives of residents as well.


And this will be Yishun in the future! The next phase of development. With full details from PAP on what are the areas which will be upgrades, what else will be done to help each and every household. Now Workers Party, what for do we need a First World Parliament?

I prefer to look into the future of what PAP can do for us residents, instead of opposition's "We cant promise you anything now".

Im too lazy to flip the newspaper, but if I remembered correctly, it went along the line of opposition parties can only tell us what they can do for us ONLY if they got elected.

This issue is never ending! Just sharing what I see, because the more I keep it within me, the more I feel unjustified for PAP. Go PAP! Too bad I wont be able to vote for you this election!

Btw, I would rather our house's value to increase. As to being unable to afford housings for the young, there are alot of schemes in place. Dont point fingers saying all is unaffordable when you have yet to do any research. go LOOK for them.

Again, I am not targeting this post at anyone, and I would not wish for any of my close friends or even boyfriend to be upset with what I said. Yes we all have our own views. I respect all of yours, and I hope those who disagrees also respects mine.

Just know that if there isnt PAP, no Lee Kuan Yew, there will be no Singapore of today. However, if you still think that PAP is too smug, we all need a change, then go ahead and vote for the opposition party. But please make sure that the change they promised you is a good one, the best for you and for your future.

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