Injured feet

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Ok, photobucket's uploader is not working so... heres a pictureless post. Anyway, my right feet is injured and I cant walk. :(

The pain of my feet is at the base of my big toe, you know the joint between your feet and the big toe? Yea I think I accidentally injured that area when I wore heels for formal wear 2days ago in school. :( I think so lahhs... because that's the only time I remembered my feet around that area was slightly painful due to the heels.

But when I got home from that day, everything is fine! I was still walking as per normal... even going out with boyfriend the next day. I think I didnt injured it ytd because bf came to fetch me out and back! BUT the pain started yesterday evening!

Realised I couldnt bend my big toe, feels like as though I stretched something beneath the toe. So as the night went on I realised it got even worse! Still bearable, but I had to walk using the outer corners on my feet.

And this morning... GOT WOKE UP BY THE SHARP PAIN T___________T. I was supposed to wake up at 10.30am for my class, but instead I woke up at 7.45am!! Did some online research and decided to go see a doctor because most sources say the situation will aggravate...

Yea and here comes the tough part. I cant even walk!!! My right feet feels kinda numb and painful, and all I could feel is my blood pumping through the veins and PAIN. So I had to hop around the house on one feet... HAD A HARD TIME REACHING THE DOCTOR OPPOSITE MY BLOCK.

Lots of people were staring, and I could only walk, at most, a foot's distance each time and most of the time I was dragging my right feet. You know how people drag their feet when their slippers spoil? Yea you can imagine that.

So the doctor (thank god he was very gentle with my feet) prescribed me some medicine to stop the pain, stop the swelling. And gave me MC - cant go school and cant go work over the weekends because its going to take at least 3days to heal.

Because I couldnt possibly go out for the rest of the day, decided to go NTUC nearby to do some grocery shopping so I can still have some food to cook and eat for the rest of the day! While I was going there and back, I realised the people in my neighborhood was very nice!

Mostly uncles and aunties.. 3 stopped to ask me what happened to my leg... and shared with me their experiences. One of them was a malay uncle who was also at the same clinic earlier. He told me he had gout and asked if mine was like that as well. Hahaha. and asked me to slowly take my time and walk hahahah.

Walking there and back took me 1hour plus. No joke. And it is effing pain!!!!!! When I finally (FINALLY!!!) got home, the pain turned into excruciating pain and I started sobbing hysterically. Haih T_T quickly ate some bread and swallowed the medicine.

Tried sleeping because it was really painful. And it took me a long time before I fell asleep. But when I woke up it's still painful!!! The panadol doesnt works. :(((((((((( And I cant put my feet down, because when I do so, blood will flow down to my feet and joints and it gives me a throbbing pain!!


Going to the toilet takes me ages, and I wonder how am I going to bathe and cook meals for myself later. T____T

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