How to: DIY Ringlight and stand

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Yay! For those who already knew, my ring light and light stand is done! All DIY-ed!
A ring light and stand cost around SGD$180 mine cost about SGD$30 (?) lol!!!

Now I can take pretty pictures! ^^
But I feel that my 32W-light might be a bit too small,
where it might not bebright enough to lit up the whole face if I were to stand from a distance!



Some of you have been asking me what is it or how do I go about doing it.
So here's the thing, I have both good news and bad news.

Good news is, I can teach you how to go about setting up the stand.
Bad news is, I do not know how to connect the whole circuit from scratch!

This is because while bf and I was walking around Sim Lim Tower (Note that its tower, not sim lim square), we came across this shop selling a lot of those round lights. You know, those from the kitchen ceiling types? Yea.

So what I wanted was just a round light, WITH a circuit and wires that comes together with it so I can just plug it into a power socket and start using it. Hence we went into this shop and asked the uncle how to go about doing it, had a hard time explaining what I wanted and finally he is glad to connect one for me!

I had a hard time explaining to him because I didnt know how to describe what I want in electrical terms. LOL. He was talking about fuse, chalk (????) wires all this and that, for which I only understood the word fuse and wire. hahahaha.

And anyway, I went along with Osram 32W extra bright round light.

32W is usually the size termed for the lights as well!


him digging through his mountain of lights to find what I wanted lol~


he made from scratch from me so here's the head!!

ON A SIDENOTE: If you do not stay in Singapore, I think you can just walk into one of these shops and ask if they could do it for you. Most of them would be glad to if they are free!


the so called chalk (????)


and fuse!


and with wires you are half done!


now with the uncle helping me to assemble them together. For a physics retard like me I think its near impossible to do it myself, because you have to cut open the wires and link them, following that you also have to use high heat to melt some wires together!

in short, ask the shop's personnel to help you with it!

Yea and with my round light + wires + chalk + fuse + socket head = SGD$18.

I think it also has to depends on how long you need the wires to be. Because originally he quoted me $15 but end up it was $18. But still, its very cheap for a DIY light stand!!

So it was back to art at home..


I couldnt find something suitable for my round light to fit in,
so I made it out from the cardboard box which came with my light. LOL. Recycle :D

basically you just cut a hole in the middle, then use the excess to form the sides,

after which you just cover the inner sides with normal aluminium paper, with the more reflective side facing outside. Again, secure with lots of scotchtape at the back!


Tada! you are done, and put in your light!


my so called ring light LOL.
sorry kind of blur as its the only photo which I have for now!

Although I have the light, I still need a stand!!! Had to brainstorm a lot on what to use for my stand, because I do not have a tripod stand (which is costly as well) and began googling on DIY light stand. then I came across this video!

erm I dont know how to embed that one so maybe you can just click and go to the web to view. I must say, it's a very great idea to make a stand out of PVC pipes!! With his idea I went out to get some PVC pipes too!!


The end result!! Okay, the background is kinda distracting so......


a clearer picture!! I will teach you how to go about doing it later, so dont worry!


The side view.

Pro: Lightweight
Cons: Might not be able to withstand very heavy cameras.

Why do I say that? because when I put my Samsung St550 and the ring light on this stand, the body tends to lean forward slightly!! But never topple down so far. Hahaha. So maybe if you have a heavy camera maybe you can brainstorm and work around with it.



The front: How I connect the ring light to the stand.

I would strongly recommend you to get white cable ties, because you would want to have the whole circle of the light being reflected in your eyes! Black cable ties tend to block out some light..

yea so basically you also make two holes in the cardboard and link one cable tie through and tie it to the PVC pipe. Tie another cable tie infront of it so your ring light would not slip out. :)

And notice the mini tripod stand in the middle?

it is for your camera, and YOU CAN GET IT AT $2 FROM DAISO!!! It fits most cameras. Other than that, it also fits into the PVC pipe and it would not be loose! And the best thing is, you can still adjust the height because its stand can magically extend itself. Lolol.


The back view!

Ok now you can see the ugly back of the ring light. LOL. I forgot to spray paint it black!!
And you can also see how much scotch tape I had spammed on it.

So here's what you will need!!!


From left to right,

1. Cable Tie: Recommending you to get longer than 200mm because mine was slightly too short
2. Mini tripod stand from Daiso outlets
3. A mini saw from HomeFix outlets. - For you to saw the extra parts from PVC pipes!

Here's the various materials!!


They are all PVC pipes!!! Only that I sprayed paint them black, and accidentally left out a few thats why you see one or two in white. LOL. And I am short of one of the pipes and thats why I drew it in. =D LOLOL.

Cost: SGD $9

List of what you will need:

- ONE 3 feet 1/2 pipe (actually this depends on your height, I'm 1.55m tall)
- FOUR 1 feet pipe
- THREE T-Joints
- THREE Elbow Joints
- One connector
- Some extra parts with details below:


They are also the PVC pipes!! Just that I saw-ed them into smaller pieces to act as inter-connectors - I did up a video to help you all visualize it!

The measurements above is what I recommend you to get. :)

Yea so basically since the main body of the stand would be based on your height, I recommend you to get like 9 feet worth of PVC pipes in total. Because even if it is too long, you can always saw them into smaller parts!

They are actually quite easy to saw. If you do not want the trouble, just ask the person selling you to help you cut them into pieces!! But if you have alot small small pieces some may not be that willing to help you cause they think its troublesome lolol. SO best is you do it yourself!!!


Take note that they are different!!
I am using the left one (bigger one) for one of the legs of the stand.

The smaller ones are used to connect elbow joints and connectors together!

Here's a video on how to do it:

In case it was too fast: here's the different parts to


The Base


And the top!!

The white pipe is where you will connect it with your ring light using the cable ties.


So your end result should be this!!


2 T-joints together!


This is the smallest 3cm pipe which I used to connect them together!!


and they should stand firm now :)

Yea and for those who are interested:




Thats it!! :)

And you should be done!!


alternatively, you could get really creative and come up with alot ways to connect them together or make the whole ring light stand more stable. :) If you know a way which is better, let me know too as well!

And here I am ending off with a picture taken using it!!


Goodnight alll!!

P.S. I did not get a remote for my camera, because it does not have a bluetooth function, thus I am assuming there should be no remote for my camera. My samsung St550 has a Smile Detection function where it auto takes pictures when you smile infront of it!

So that isnt too bad afterall :D

Hope this post might be able to help those who always wanted to DIY a ringlight as well!

Places to get your:

Lights - Simlim Tower #03-24
PVC pipes and connectors - usually you are able to find them at shops selling paint
Mini tripod for camera - Daiso
Cable Ties - Anywhere, really.
Mini Saw - Anywhere, I got them from HomeFix at $4 or smth.

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  1. omg this is so helpful! I'm gonna try that out!

  2. Interesting. You're just too creative!

  3. Found your post while doing a little research for making my own ring light. Gotta give you props for your resourcefulness!

    1. Haha thank you and I hope it helps you in your little project!

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  5. Hi babe!! Im reallyy curious on how you can make it!! But the pictures are all removed, can I request to teach again? With the pictures? Sorry im really curious!!

    1. Hi deiyeon! The pictures are still in this post though, are you unable to view them? Let me know!

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