Soft Curls!!

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omg look!!!

I have soft big curls!! And it is like those wigs which I've always seen!

Actually I did not do any curling on my own.. My hair was in a tight bun all night and this was what I saw when I let my hair down. So pretty! Cant bear to wash it away LOL. But nvm it's ok I can still have the pictures ^^


If I wanted to get a perm, this is the kind of results I'm looking for!!
What kind of perm do people call this?




Yea and anyway, went to Ikea today as my mum wanted to find some table top or something. But before that we went to Changi Airport T1's Aston for lunch!!! Havent had that for a while!

Had Grilled Fish with Herbs with Baked Potato and Onion Rings.
Carbohydrates overload!!! Hahahaha.

Joanne had a pasta or something as her side dish. I think it's nice!

Back to Ikea,.... Mum dismissed all my ideas for my room. And their rose prints bedsheets are only available in Single and Queen size. Sigh... Wanted to get one for myself but my bed is super single! Quite limited :( So came home empty handed except for some plastic containers for organising and storage.

After the Ikea trip my bro sent me to bf's house! Bf cooked black pepper crabs for dinner!!! And he killed the crabs after watching Xiaxue's guide to life (which I recommended) on how to kill them. Quite cruel ley dont really dare watch ~.~

But it was very nice after that! Hehe.


And this was how my hamster Puffer (girl) had been sleeping lately!
So cute!!!!

It was sleeping and snoozing away until I went closer,
and I think it caught my smell and started sniffing..



hahaha I could see her nose twitching! Too bad the picture cant catch it!


cuteness overloaded! Ahhh!!!

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