Advertorial: Visume War on Prevview!

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Hi everyone!!

Still remember the Visume Wars on Prevview which I had blog about a month or two back then? If you have not joined in by creating a visume... IT'S OK!

You can still join in the fun by voting for your favourite entry on Prevview!
there were a LOT more visumes updated ever since the last time I blogged about them!



Just a quick recap... here is a visume entry by Julian Tay which i totally dig!!!

Unlike many others which converted their paper resume into a video by verbalizing their resume content, the guy's visume showed a lot of creativity in his Visume!

Lots of interesting background and visuals which showcased his talent and his character best. A lot of effect must have be done as well! Felt that his Visume is a perfect example for Prevview's Objectives - a jobseeker profile where you can express your true self professionally and effectively.

As I cant embed the video, you can watch it HERE!

And click HERE to start voting today!!
Have fun everyone!

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