Braces Ep 2/3/4: Polishing, Decay, Extraction

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Named the title of this post as Episode 2, 3 and 4 of my braces treatment because ever since my last blog post of my first and official visit to the dentist for Xray and all that, I have went back to my dentist about another 3 - 4 times. :)

If you havent read about my blog post on getting braces, you can read it HERE!

So Episode 2 mentioned the Dental Scaling and Polishing process, while Episode 3 and 4 mentioned both my appointment with my dentist for extraction of 4 tooth, 2 at a time. (OMG I cant believe I am over and done with!!!) Dont worry I will blog all about it!!


Anyway, this is how the mini Pinnacle Dental at Yishun looks like!
Just a very small dental clinic.

So after having the Xray and all that done, I was scheduled for a Dental Scaling and Polishing appointment with my dentist. The last time I did it was back then in Secondary 3, and I have always dislike visiting the dental van in our school. Or rather, I was scare shitless @.@

Looking at the various tools and equipments of the dentist just makes me shudder. They are always sharp looking, never friendly looking at all. But oh well, I am a grown up now. Have to get my teeth cleaned for braces!!


In case you are wondering how dental scaling and polishing is done, here is a picture for better illustration. Looks really pain, but actually it is bearable. Maybe some needle-poke-kind-of-pain occasionally during the process. I have a very VERY low tolerance level for pain so ... yea. Hahah.


And after cleaning, the dentist will spray on some toothpaste like stuff on your teeth to protect them! This is the best part because it is quite cooling and my dentist is GREAT.

Because most of their dentist paste / mist / alcohol gel / mold tastes like strawberry!

As I have not been visiting the dentist for almost the past 4 or 5 years, I reckon that my teeth are all so dirty. Hahaha. Plus I secretly have a thing with toothpaste, that is I dont really like them! I get allergy to some of the brands as well (which also contributes to my peeling lips).

As a result, the dentist told me I had receding gums. Receding gums also meant that my gum level is lower due to my poor oral health care. With that, I needed about 4 weeks time to let my gums heal before my dentist could proceed on with extraction!

After my dentist scaling and polishing, everything feels so... CLEAN!! like there is friction between my tongue and back of my teeth. I can even BREATHE through the holes in between my teeth. Hahahaha. Ok although it leaves your gum feeling damn cold.

But due to the cleaning, as the dentist mentioned, my gums needed some healing time because they looked like this!


yea red or inflammed parts along my gums. Painless actually!

What I love about dental scaling and polishing is that it really boost my self confidence!! I always assume that I have bad breath because of my poor oral health care with plaque or etc in my mouth. Hahahah. No more now!! =D And it also made my teeth look whiter!


(Also to show you how crooked my teeth were hahaha)


awkward smile!

Tooth Extraction Appointment 1

So 4 weeks later, the nurse called me up again to arrange for my next appointment with my dentist for extraction. Hahahah. Was quite anxious about it because I have VERY LOW LEVELS of tolerance for pain. Went around asking everyone if the extraction was painful. -which didnt really help because everyone gave different replies


This is my dentist Dr Tong!

So here I am.. I shall tell you all about the extraction!! Hahaha. Because I was on the dot for my appointment (my nurse prefers me to be earlier), I was rushed to be seated, and before I knew, I have the injection needle pointing at me. Hahaha.

Ok I lied. The injection needle was not pointing at me because I closed my eyes throughout and so I didnt catch a glimpse of anything which happened LOL.

So on my first extraction, I will be extracting two teeth (top and bottom) on my left side.. which meant that I will need to receive 4 injections! 2 on top and 2 below. On the hard part of the gums! All the while before I went into the clinic for extraction, I was getting cold feet!! And I kept thinking if I should just chicken out and decide to give up braces once and for all. LOL.

Aiya.. but it is ok. It is not as bad as I thought. Both the first injection to the top and bottom of the gums were ok. Just like an ant bite! Like (3/10) Before you know it, your mouth is already slightly numb! But both the second injection was slightly more painful because it is injected at a different area. Maybe on a scale I rate it (8/10).

And this is when you cant even feel your mouth on the side which you had injection anymore. Hahaha. And my dentist then took out his pliers and began plucking my tooth out!! I closed my eyes throughout as well.. was super afraid of any pain that might come. But to my surprise, it was nothing painful at all!!! Like SERIOUSLY! Rating scale (0/10).

Just some pressure where you feel that the dentist is tugging at it left and right. Depending on your dentist where they have their own ways of plucking out your tooth, the way my dentist used on me could be illustrated below:


It was out in seconds!!!!!!
And the next thing I knew I am already done with my left side. :P


Unglam max but who cares. Hahahaha. Just to show you how brave I was hehe!


My two tooth with my dentist at the back! And boyfriend sent me home afterwards :)


Me with gauze still in the mouth!


Desaturated these pictures because I dont want the blood to be too constrasting and scare away my readers. Hahahah. The bleeding stopped like 1hour later. And I could drink liquids. Was advised not to have any food if possible for the night!

When I woke up the next day... VOILA!!! NO PAIN!!!!!! yay! Was very worried of any aching pain which may come, but no!! But too bad I drooled in my sleep and stained my pillow blood red T_T.

The next day, I was able to eat quite well already.. Just that I might have to cut my food into smaller pieces to avoid much chewing. I had spaghetti LOL. so much for soft diet!

But anyway, I ended up with a weird case of infection (quoted by my dentist) where I went back to the clinic on day 3 to ask about my condition. The hole on my lower extraction site began growing lots of white tissue on top of the blood clot, and it grew even more each time I finished a meal.

So by Day 3 it was very irritating to me and I went back to the dentist to ask him do something about it. And my dentist took out the whole blood clot - that was supposed to help my healing - and I ended up with a dry socket. T_______________T lucky me, it wasnt pain for me at all! My dentist just did lots of cleaning of the dry socket and packed it with some iodine paste which i dont like at all!!

Left my mouth and breath smelling like hospital for the next 4 days. Was told to leave it in and not rinse it out! Just let it dissolve.. So by day 6 and 7, I could eat rather well already! And that is when I have to go for my second extraction - which was earlier on!



So before heading for the dentist, Bf and I went to pick my mum up from her work place and had western and korean food nearby.. And again, rushed to the dentist clinic for appointment at 8pm. hahaha. As I was told it will be the same as my last extraction, I was feeling much MORE relaxed. (but still abit jittery) hahaha.

Relaxed because I can roughly guage the level of pain for injection, and the quick and painless extraction!

As usual, my dentist gave me 4 injections. This time it was a notch more painful because my dentist said I have very thin skin on my right side of the gums! Like maybe (4/10) for 1st injection and (9/10) for second injection. Hahahha. Slightly painful, but my mouth was numb in no time.

But this time round, he put some rubber bands between my teeth to create space for my upcoming appointment where I will be putting on actual brackets and braces! Quite a bad experience because my mouth is small and dentist had trouble putting rubber bands to my molar teeth!! Stretched my mouth A LOT :(((((

So while putting.......... my dentist spotted that I have a tooth decay!! He said it was small at first... but after doing the cleaning and filling up, he said that I had a very big tooth decay on one of my molars on the left side.


Yea so the black part is supposed to be the tooth decay.

Dentist said I am a very weird patient because my tooth decay only seemed as a very small black DOT on the surface. But as he cleaned up, I had a LARGE gapping hole beneath the crown. At the dentine part if you refer to the picture!

He said the decay was very near to my nerve.. so he will just do the filling for me.. If I feel any pain over the next 2 days, means that my nerve had reacted against the filling and I will need to do a root canal procedure or something.

HAIH T_T Lets just pray it does not happen!! Why does my journey to putting on brackets seemed so long and arduous. Hahaha. See la, consequences of poor oral health!


These are not my teeth, but is somewhat similar to my molar teeth where the decay happened. Those lines on the molars,.. should they turn bad, they may mean a tooth decay!! Not all cases though.. but it happened on me - even when mine was just a small black dot!!

So the dentist sort of used the equipment as shown in the picture and made a hole on the top of the molar to clean out the bacteria inside and filled it with some filling. (Cost me $90 for this filling!)

I tell you, this is AWFULLY PAINFUL. Regretted it the moment when my dentist started the real thing after I declined the injection for numbing the pain. Seriously, at least the injection (the not so painful one) only lasts for a few seconds. While the cleaning up of tooth decay makes you suffer in pain whenever the dentist uses that equipment to dig a hole on the top of the molar teeth.

And finally when it is done, I had my extraction. - And sadly this extraction was more painful because my right side is the side which over crowding happened. Took slightly longer to extract my top one, but ok still quite fast.

But all in all, this appointment seemed like the worse among all. The most painful one among all. T_T I had to keep on stretching my mouth open, and I ended up with a big swelling on my lips when I got home.


look at the size of the swelling!!
Picture desaturated so you wont be turned off by the redness. Hahaha.

Pain pain pain. still ringing in my head.



the guaze!! Sadly this time round the bleeding didnt stop as fast!

It's been 5 hours since my extraction and I am still biting of the guaze. Whenever I drink water I feel like I am drinking blood. hahahah. So glad bf is here to spend the night over at my house. Still nursing my extraction pain and aching from the rubber bands put in my mouth.


resting on bf's lap! Hahaha. See my super sian face lolol.
Why isnt this time as fast and painless as my previous extraction?!


So yea anyway, bad news is that I still have 2 molar teeth to be examined for decay later this week. I swear that I will take up the injection!!! Lol save me the agony of one and a half hour.

On a side note, although I may be complaining of the pain here and there, I am nonetheless very glad and happy that I started this braces treatment. If not for the initiative of putting on braces, I would not have went for dental polishing, I would not have found out that I had a bad situation of a tooth decay. Pain is only temporary! What's good is that I am on my way to healthy gums and teeth that is pretty both inside (the enamel) and out!

After such an incident, I will try my very very best to cut down on sweet and acidic food. I have a sweet tooth and I have been controlling it ever since I started my braces treatment!! Eating lesser sweets now. But I will still need to control my diet for soft drinks. And dentist warned me off biscuits. Hahaha.

I wonder what will I survive on. I am already convinced that I will be losing weight!! Think I shall get some sleep already. Hope this post clears most of my reader's doubts on pre-braces treatment!! :)

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your experiences! Been putting off getting braces for years but I think I'm gonna go check out Pinnacle. Thanks again! =)

  2. Welcome! Hope it helps! I've been putting off braces for years just because I was scared of the extraction. But it wasnt really pain! All the best for your braces!

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