Swollen Lips!

8:41 PM JustJaslin 1 Comments

Hi guys!! I am awaiting more information for one review that's coming up! That is why I havent been able to blog! And school is really hectic with my final year project presentation in just 2 weeks time!! Faint.

Anyway, I dont know what food allergy I have, and now I have sore, swollen, painful, itchy lips!! It started with a tingling sensation since saturday or something, and it became much more painful this morning. T_T have been spamming Vaseline on my lips but it doesnt seems to help!

Googled about it and most sources say that if it itches, it would be due to food allergy. But the problem is I dont know which food I am allergic to. T_T I wanna make a trip down to the doctor but I wont be free until Wednesday morning. Ahhh!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi, how's your lips, have you found the cause and the cure for it? My wife has a similar problem.