Worse week of 2011

5:18 AM JustJaslin 2 Comments

This week is one of the worse week of my life. :(

Firstly would be the integrated project and business communications assessment next monday, which left me so drained because I have been going back to school everyday despite having no lessons. And stayed till 10pm plus, only to go back home and crash. And next day head back to school again.

Besides my dentist just placed back my 8 spacers. Which makes me very hard to articulate well. Worrying for my presentation next monday!

Not to mention these spacers hurt like mad!! I can't clench down my teeth together so they are constantly apart. Which makes my cheekbones and jaws very sore.

Plus my menses decided to come in together at this point of time. major fml! Earlier on in school, stayed till 10pm before heading home. By the time I reached home its 11 plus.

And all these unhappy incidents didnt just stop there. Brother kept on asking me to play mahjong! Had been losing 3 weeks in a row already. Lost about $30 to my brother the previous time. And this time round I lost another $30. Arghhh. My brother take my money also buay pai seh.

Been eating porridge and meesua these few days. Now my brother win away all my allowances I also dont know what to survive on. =___________=

HAIH. which concludes this week is the worst week of 2011.

hoping for monday to come real soon.!

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  1. Cheer up jas jas!
    When things come to the worst, It'll be better all eventually..

  2. Yea ok!! Better luck next time. hahaha~