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Hi everyone!! Have I mentioned that my Internship Presentation & SM presentation are both over??? Which means it's study break till the day of my exam. And that's it!! I wont be having any study-semester in Ngee Ann Poly anymore!! Dont think I will be able to go through another integrated project if I took another option for next semester. Gosh.

Thank god it's 6 months internship!! No projects to worry about. :)

So right now I am very much in my holiday mood!! Went over to bf's house to clean up the hamsters cages, and helped him to spring clean his room. Where got girlfriend so good one.. ahahhaa. :P


Yea and pictures are up on facebook!!!
The best class I've ever been in, in Ngee Ann Poly!!

Actually I changed out of my formal wear immediately after my group shot so you could spot me without any collars. Hahahaha and I hid behind my friends LOL.

And attire that day was formal so no fringe! I look much older without fringe. Heh heh


Fun shot!



And this is my group!!

From left to right, Me, Eileen, Wei Kian, Shaoxi, JiaJun and Lik Ching.

had a very awesome time with them throughout this whole sem. :) They may seem like jokers but some of them are even more meticulous to project work standards and all that as compared to me. Hahaha. Never judge a book by its cover!


Anyway, when I came back home tonight I found out I received a surprise package from KizzOfGoddess (KOG) ! I always purchased their dresses - quality is very good!

So all I did was to share their album and screenshot it to KOG. I wasnt expecting anything and they immediately emailed me to ask for my address! So I thought I would be receiving some accessories or any small items which would not cost much..

but who knows they sent me a bodycon!!!

Im suspecting that they actually viewed my profile to find out what type of surprise I would like. Hahaha. Because it's in teal! One of my favourite choice of color for dresses. And recently I have just my eyes on a certain bare-back dress on some other websites. But refrained from buying because I dont think I won't be wearing it often.

Who knows the bodycon they sent is just what I wanted!! Love love love!


Look at the back!!



I love kizzofgoddess!!

By the way, I am not paid to blog this.
But I feel that this is one blogshop you can rely on to get quality dresses. ^.^


Anyway, I was surfing facebook at night and came across Fruttare Singapore.
They are having a major iceblock with fruittare icecream in them right smack in the middle of orchard road!!

For anyone to melt it through waterguns or what not at the place. But fret not, you can do it at home as well!! Heard that everyone at the place will get a free icecream once it melts! Hahaha.

So thought that maybe I'll try playing it online. With a live webcam!!

There are various weapons for you to choose from and the fruttare troopers will help you do the deed!! So I chose the ducky,.. hammer.. and watergun. hahaha.


And I was really surprised when I saw my name on the webcam!!

hahaha and they just threw the duck over like no one's business. LOL.
Quite entertaining at this time of the night. ahaahhaa.

And besides, have I mentioned that I have my braces in already?!
I will be blogging about it in the next post!!

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