Braces Ep 5/6/7 - Spacers, followed by braces in!!!

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Hello everyone!!! By now you guys should know that I already had my braces put in.. Hahaha~
Ok just to clarify for my title, I named it Ep 5 / 6 / 7! Each number represents each consultation I went for with my dentist. So 5, 6, 7, means I will be blogging about what I did during these 3 consultations~

If you have not read about my previous post relating to braces, you can read them at:

Part 1 : Consultation
Part 2: Polishing, Extraction and etc


In my previous post, I left it at my experience about the extraction.

So what happens after the extraction is that a week later, my dentist called me back to put on spacers! Or seperators if you like to call it. They are interchangeable terms for the same thing - the blue rubber bands!

So my dentist put 8 of them at one go into my mouth. If you can see from the picture above, there is two on each side of your back molar, so the same goes for the other side, as well as the top set of teeth. So there will be 8!

The dentist will actually put them in by stretching it (so the rubber band becomes thin) and sort of "floss" it in between your molars. They will fit nicely in place so you dont have to worry about them dropping out.


What these spacers do is to actually make some spacer between your molar teeth as your dentist will need to fit a band on your molar. So you will have to make some space for that!

For the first time, my dentist put them in for about 3 days before calling me back to the clinic again. I'll tell you that these things are a complete bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Firstly, they make your teeth sore within 2 hours. Secondly, your molars / teeth would not be able to clench together well because basically you are biting down on the top of the spacers - NOT a nice feeling at all.

I can chew food using my incisors teeth but I CANT nom nor bite. :( technically you will have to survive on really liquid food. Or try chewing every piece of food down with your incisors teeth.

To me, the phase of having spacers in is the phase where you experience the most pain / soreness from your teeth. Because these spacers are actually moving your teeth apart within a very short period of time, and your nerves will feel the pain when your teeth are moving!

My back molars were so weak that I cant even eat chwee kuay. Lol wtf T_T and I even woke up in the middle of the night as i accidentally clenched my teeth in my sleep lol.


so three days later my dentist asked me back to his clinic!!

purpose was to fit on several bands around my molar teeth to see what size would fit my teeth.
as my molar teeth were already quite weak all thanks to the spacers, it was slightly sore when he tried to fit and remove the bands.

And after that, he removed my spacers!!!

oh gosh I was so happy. And I ate all kind of hard food and frequented the pasar malam at northpoint. Hahahaha. So meanwhile, he told me to go back and wait for his call 1-2 weeks later, while he makes the order for my bands.

And........... 2 weeks later he called me back.
TO PUT ON THAT SPACERS AGAIN T_T 8 of them... for one whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I was over from the spacers agony. Crap :( 1 whole week!!! And true enough they hurt hell lot (ok not hurt, was more of soreness) yeada yeada and when I read online articles about it where people say "they will be in, they will be out, you will survive" lol i almost felt like dying only at day 2.

However the soreness got better around Day 5 or 6! The purpose of putting it in again for one whole week is to make sure there is ample space again as my next appointment would be the full installation of braces! :)


I was playing with it and it dropped out from inbetween my teeth. Hahaha.
so i took a picture to show u the size!


as compared to a MicroSD card.
I kinda chewed on the rubberband and hence you can see the bite marks hahaha.


One week later........

-Putting on of braces!!!-

Congratulations to me! The most painful phase of braces are over for me.

I went back to the clinic! It wasnt a very great day for me to put on my braces as I just came down with sensitive lip allergy that morning. Which meant that my lips were super dry and swollen. Even made a trip to the polyclinic! But since appointment was made so I just went ahead. I will be separating the processes into phases so maybe you will understand the whole process better!

Phase 1: So during the appointment, my dentist took out my spacers and polished the surrounding area and gums for me. :) because when you have spacers in, you cant floss the spaces inbetween them and food always get stucked! It made me feel like as though my whole mouth is dirty. Hahaha.

Phase 2. Yea so after polishing he started to fit in the bands with a cement like paste. It tastes sour and horrible. So try to keep your tongue away from it! And following that my dentist started to bond all the brackets on each of my teeth!!

Phase 3: The process was rather long. My whole appointment lasted for 3 hours. Hahaha. Because my dentist said I produce lots of saliva (according to him, different people produce different amount of saliva) and he had to take time to make sure the surface of my teeth are completely dry before he can bond the brackets to my teeth. Like superglue.

And secondly, he said my mouth is very small which makes things very hard, and uncomfortable for me. Because he also had to put brackets on my molar teeth! And I couldnt stretch my mouth very wide. :( plus I had sore lips that day.

Phase 4: So after he was done with the brackets, he put in 2 wires in my mouth to roughly see how long / where he would need to cut them.

Phase 5: Followed by that, he placed the wires on my brackets and told me to select what color I want!! (yay!!) He gave me Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, and White to choose. I wanted to choose white but I was afraid it would stain from food like curry and etc. So i chose pink! And he slowly placed them over the brackets to secure the wire.

Phase 6: After the color bands are on, my dentist cut the wires at the back, before putting some light equipment in my mouth for a while. Took some pictures and we are done!! :D

A long and strenuous process. Hahaha. And throughout the process all I hear was "open abit more", "stretch abit more" and "hold there very still". Hahaha. And my dentist was quite gentle. He even told me to be strong and bear abit. Hahahah cause all the while the pain was from the stretching! Sucks to have braces when you have a small mouth.

So when it was done, no doubt my lips were fat as sausages cause they were very very red, swollen and painful to touch! Covered my lips throughout my way home. Hahaha. And I could only take pictures of my braces 2 days later, when the swelling had subsided a bit more!


Here is my smile with braces!!

I like it very much!! Hahahaa. I have a pink smile and you dont. LOL.


closer look!!


And there is the big hole from my extraction. Hahahaha.


And here is a better illustration of the final product.
In the picture where there is a silver rubber band ( i assume it's rubber ok) pressing on the wires, it is actually the rubber bands where you can choose your colors!

Some brackets are longer than the other, as some people may need to place rubber bands to connect both the top set and lower set of teeth to correct an overbite or underbite in the later part of braces treatment. :)


And this is an example of the silver bands I was saying earlier on, where you have to wear spacers to make space to put in these bands!

So far it has been a week after my braces installation! Everyone is asking me if they hurt. But surprisingly, they dont hurt AT ALL for me!!! Compared to the spacers, this is such a sweet relief. So I conclude, once you are over the spacers phase, you would already have passed the most painful part of the treatment.

But what's different from the spacers is that with braces, you cant chew (with front teeth), but you can NOM on food. Because the wires are actually shifting your front teeth and they tend to be weak. So you would have to break your food into very small pieces.

And I am already eating nasi lemak, chicken rice, kfc and so on from Day 2 of my braces. So there isnt much pain or soreness.

HOWEVER, there is one type of pain that I am suffering from. The ulcers!!! Dammit :( I placed wax on my front brackets as I want to PREVENT ulcers from forming. But who knows the ends of the wires at the back is poking at my inner gums and it hurts a lot when I eat. Called by the clinic and the nurse was only able to fix me an appointment this coming thursday. And I was told to place wax on it too!

So.......... ok not bad. So far so good. Only when I have to take out the wax to brush teeth then will the wires poke me again. I have a mega big ulcer at the back. Like maybe half the size of a 5 cent coin. ~.~

Yea and other than that, nope not much pain from the moving of teeth and so on. I guess I must be very lucky if others actually experience pain! :) And since one week have past already, I am able to chew off food with my incisors teeth. :D


Me with braces!!

Boyf kept on saying I have metal teeth hahahaha wth. But he says I dont look too bad with it. Lol! Hoping to see some movement in my teeth very soon!! Then maybe I can show you the results as well. :D :D





(P.S. I love my eyelashes in this picture hahahaha!!! They are not fake!!)

So thats about it for braces!! I still cant believe they are finally in. Because there were always problems such as gum reclination, tooth decay, so on and so forth which delayed quite a bit.

Cant wait for the next 2 years to past very fast so I'll have straight teeth!!
Hope this post is detailed enough to give you guys an idea about Orthodontic treatment.

Again, if you want to find out more about my clinic, here it is!:

Blk927 Yishun Central 1 #01-163 S(760927)
Contact: 6757 2202

My dentist: Dr Clarence Tong (avail only tues/thurs)

You can always call to do a quick consultation by the dentist. It will cost $30 for the consultation, but if you decide to go ahead with doing braces with them, the $30 will be refunded to you. ^^

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