1 Month in Braces

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Picture of me taken using iPhone while on the way to work ^^
Anyway, here is the promised photos!! - About my braces

If you have not read about my previous post relating to braces, you can read them at:

I have been in braces for more than a month already, but I was really amazed by the results I've gotten in just 1 or two months and I decided to take them on a monthly basis. My dental appointments with my dentist is not really once every month, hence I guess I'll just take pictures of my teeth at the beginning of every month :D

And for those who have asked... Really, it is not really sore at all. If you compare it to spacers, spacers are a WHOLE LOT worse. All it takes is just getting use to having brackets in your mouth. I didnt really get ulcers... only at the back when the wire was poking me.

Both Yijing and my dentist told me that if the wire were to poke me at the back, it means that your teeth is moving fast! When your teeth shift I guess the wire moves back?

Actually I went back for the second appointment late last week, but my dentist said my teeth were still moving so he said he'll give me more time, before changing it to a much stiffer wire during my next appointment.

So, here are pictures after 1 month in braces!! I managed to find a picture which states the names for each tooth, so I thought I'll share with you guys to know which tooth I am referring to! Wanted to credit the website but I couldnt find the website again when I want to blog it now..



Here we go!!


With my teeth closed. If you look closer, I actually have patches on my teeth that look very much like plague. But it's not!! It's the left-over glue that my dentist used on my teeth to bond the brackets and all that together. Awaiting my next dental polishing appointment (in another 2 months time) to get rid of them!!

So anyway, before I put on my braces, my dentist actually shaped my teeth to a more feminine shape! Had I mentioned it before in my previous post?? I thought there was only a slight difference but when I put these 2 pictures side by side... I didnt know that my canine tooth (tiger tooth!) was so sharp! Hahahah~

And he rounded a lot of my teeth. Love it!!

If you look closer... both my lateral tooth (top right and bottom left) shifted out!!! My goodness I am soooo happy! Actually right now for me... they are very much straight now!!

From the top view...


Can you see the shift?? Hahahaha.
And Kaixun even mentioned that my teeth is much straighter now!

Really glad that I am progressing well~ However, I forgot to take pictures of the top set of teeth before I had my treatment.. So... nothing to compare. Hahahaha.

So what happens during the tightening appointment is that, my dentist took out all the small pink rubber bands to free the metal wire before changing it to a much stiffer one. As each appointment goes by, the dentist will slowly change to a stiffer wire!

And the dentist will then secure it back with rubber bands again! That is when you get to change the color of your bands :D But I chose pink again because there isnt any violet. :( Maybe I shall ask him during my next appointment! Hahaha~

Although it looks good, there is still a very big problem for my dentist. Because one of my top lateral tooth is hidden completely behind. My dentist will have to shift and make way for it. Pictures another time I guess!

All the best for my teeth! :D

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  1. Dental braces use a sliding door technology known as “self ligation”. There is less friction in the braces which leads to
    greater patient comfort and faster tooth movement. Using these braces will result in shorter
    treatment time and fewer number of adjustments.

  2. do wires really hurry that bad ?
    I'm getting them next month..

  3. Hi HerShanj0,

    Do you mean hurt? Haha actually they dont! Give it a few days and you will be used to it. :) All the best to you!

  4. Hi Justjaslin! You really looked good after removing those braces. Hoping to get mine soon from Dental World.