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I have changed my blog skin and now everything feels for refreshing for myself!

Have been kind of bothered by recent happenings. Blogging used to be a diary for everyone to jolt down happy and sad moments of their life, sharing moments and events happened to friends to keep each other updated. Perhaps I am more of a "feeler" myself, I feel that the blogosphere have changed very much since.

People vying for popularity; comparing statistics to each other to find out who is more superior than the other, to the extent of using fake blog-shop identities just to check on another person's statistics.

Trying my best to steer clear of all these happenings. I know some of you are very interested about my blog statistics. Just a message across, my blog is just a humble site with a humble amount of loyal readers. There isn't a need to go to the extent of using a fake persona to approach me about my statistics! Be confident of yourself, your blog, your writing style.

Because there is no point in comparing; this vicious cycle never ends. Soon you will find that you have benchmarked yourself, as well as created a constant stress to think of ways to outshine him/her. To be truthful, I have been through that phase as well in the past.

Every day I used to think and crack my brain to come up with a creative post to capture my readers' attention; every day I would check back on my statistics to see if they have gone up. But soon I found no joy and no meaning in that. My blog had turned from a place for me to pen down my feelings and thoughts, to a source of stress for myself, to an extent that I lost interest in it thereafter.

So, what I'm trying to say is, dont compare, and be confident - and you would grow your own base of readers!


Ending this post with a random shot of my bag!

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