New blogskin!

2:01 AM JustJaslin 0 Comments

After spending the whole day on tweaking HTML, blogger design and CSS codes I have finally came up with a new blogskin! I got my inspiration from various sources and I am loving the end product! Everything looks so colorful and happy here what do you think?? :)

If you notice I have also added a new widget - Posts you may like - the polaroids captions are just too cute.

Other than that I also have my archives on a flat list on the side bar. Didnt know that as time pass, I have already been penning down my thoughts here for the past 5 years. It is always quite a laugh when I view my previous posts. Oh well!

I cant wait to catch up on all my outdated posts - Valentines day; End of Internship; Kejie's 21st Birthday; Weekends and all. But being the lazy me, I might just decide to not blog them at all. =P

I can sleep happy today!

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