This Chinese New Year '12

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Blogging about Chinese New Year only after a month has passed!

This Chinese New Year has been great! Boyfriend has been bringing me out for a few rounds of shopping previously and paying for my new clothes. Feeling so pampered haha! We even drove down to Chinatown to find traditional qipao! 

CNY eve was spent at boyfriend's house in the evening before going back home for a second round of reunion steamboat dinner! Pictures in this blog post are a mix of pictures taken with a camera and iphone. Therefore some of them might be a bit pixelated!

Qipao on the first day of CNY!

And luckily CNY falls on Monday and I get to have a long weekend before returning to work on the 3rd day of CNY. On our way to Redhill!

As usual, the first day was spent at my grandma's house before heading over to boyfriend's house at night. My brother even lugged the whole mahjong table to Redhill haha. Luckily most of my cousins are now grown ups and gambling in front of them would not be frowned upon! Did I mention before that I am the eldest girl on my mother's side of family tree? 

And on the second day it would be house visiting! Went to punggol in the morning for lunch at one of my auntie's house! Pictures galore!

Boyfriend! We were at yishun dam while we waited for my brother's car to lead the way.

We love squeezing our cheeks together! lol!

Mum and I!

somewhere in Pungool. Funny how the other side (where the grey buildings are on the right) used to be a flat land and now everywhere is under development!

Yearly KFC for lunch! While waiting for the rest of relatives to finish eating.. took many pictures with two of my pretty cousins - they are all cam-whores. Forever nagging me to take pictures every year!!! 

This is daphne! Younger than me (but taller than me) and forever teasing me about the height difference. CHAO LAO! :P

And here's Jeanie! 
This jeanie should also stop growing taller. Time to remain where you are~

Jeanie's eyes are half closed.. And hence sunglasses for her! hahaha~

Yea and someone sitting in a corner nomming on snacks.. 

We stayed at Punggol till around 1 plus before heading to a temple at Old Tampines Road (if I'm not wrong)! After which all my relatives came over to my house~! Played blackjack for a while before heading off to boyfriend's dad's grandma house somewhere in Chua Chu Kang.

Didnt know muchpeople over there so as usual we played blackjack while waiting time to pass! Before long it was 6pm and we headed down to Clarke Quay with WeiWei and Sylvie. It was boyfriend's parents anniversary dinner at Novotel Hotel!

Full length mirror at the washroom exit!
 And the rest of the photos were taken using iphone~

Novotel buffet dinner! Two years ago boyfriend brought me here too for valentines' lunch with Kejie and Yijing!

Pool right beside the restaurant! 

And we soon started playing Diamond Dash on Sylvie's ipad again! 4 hands on a game! This is how people get 1 million scores on that game haha

Happy 12th Anniversary to Uncle and Auntie! 

And after dinner boyfriend and I went to Joanne's house to Bai Nian at 11pm. Hahaha. Been all over singapore on that day! Punggol - Tampines - Yishun - Chua Chu Kang - Clarke Quay - Khatib !

This year's CNY has been awesome and it is often during this period where we find out that a year has zipped pass once again. During one of the weekends I also went to my Form teacher's (Mr Lee) house to do some catching up. Haven't been to his house last year and this year it is a must! 

Had a really great time catching up with my secondary school classmates as well. Most of them entering NS soon! Definitely looking forward to the next CNY!!

Due to too many backlog posts.. I might be scheduling my posts for the next few days so do check back! ^_^

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