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A lot of people has been asking me how I have been doing and what exactly I have been doing ever since I completed my internship. Well to be truthful I am taking a long long break! My only part time job held this summer is the IT show! And helping out at my mum's office for a couple of days. Life is good!

The reason why this break is much needed is because throughout my past 6 months of internship I didn't really had a good rest. The moment I finished my exam papers 6 months ago I started the internship immediately.. Which is one whole year with no break! Okay, might be a little bit exaggerated but there, you see the picture.

So from day to day I will just accompany boyfriend and attend school at MDIS. Lol. Just kidding! That's boyfriend's school. He is starting his degree course and I am so happy for him! Photobucket

I will be graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic this May and I am hopping over to the neighbor school at Singapore Institute of Management! (SIM)

I have applied for the Bachelor of Business in Marketing under the Australia university - RMIT, which is also known as Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Their course structure is quite similar to what is being practiced in Ngee Ann so I guess things should go fine!

It hasnt been a easy road to come to this decision. Some time back then I did pen down my thoughts between a dance career or going for something concrete like a proper business degree. Some had told me to go for my dreams, some had told me otherwise. Couldn't make up my mind and procrastinated from day to day until the point where my mum was questioning if I have applied for any course every night she came home. Lol~

From day 1 that I entered poly, my dream university would be to go to Singapore Management University (SMU). I even attended their talks that they held at school! But then I also found out that the period of study at SMU would be 4 years regardless of whether you are a JC guaduate, or a Poly graduate who have a related diplima. Credit transfers (other wise known as exemption of modules) may or may not be granted depending on the grades which you have obtained during your poly term. So.... I guess even if I went to SMU I would need 4 years to complete degree.

And a year's school fees in SMU would cost from 10 thousand and up.. And 4 years in SMU would be equivalent to 40 thousand worth of tuition fees and up! Photobucket My mum told me that we couldn't possibly afford even though we may - or may not - qualify for the financial aid. And hence she told me to check up SIM!

My original choice in SIM would be to go for University of London's Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Accountancy of Finance since numbers and all are easy for me and I am OK with accounts. It would only take 2 years to complete this degree with the bridging course! Bridging course is usually taken by poly students to get quite a number credit transfers. However... application for the degree and bridging course is closed on the 30th March!! And I only saw that on the 31st of March. Talk about missed opportunity,..
Called up the school but there was no way they were going to let me take the bridging course and I would have to wait another full year before I can apply again.

Was quite panicky at that moment because I thought that I missed this opportunity and my mum would yell the ass off me saying "I told you so". Hahaha. 

SO.... I went to check out what other degrees that I might still have an interest in, and is still open for application. And I found that RMIT's courses are still open for application! And the best part is... I could complete it within 18 months with my related diploma. That's 1 and a 1/2 year! In other words, I could be a bachelor holder by end of 2013!


Since I could finish this degree fast... I have kind of planned what I would be doing a few years down the road.

Upon completing my degree, I would also be 21 years of age. At 21, I could start taking up property courses and venture into real estate as a part time career - something which I have wanted to do but I was unable to due to my age. Boyfriend has also promised to wait for me and we shall take the course together! To digress a bit, actually bf had once taken and passed the course. But he passed it at the wrong time, when the government has set a string of rules and regulations for the real estate industry where his newly gotten cert will not be recognised anymore. Hahaha. So he will have to retake!

Back to topic, upon getting my degree and real estate cert.. I should be around 22. Then, I might go for ACCA to get a professional and recognized accountancy cert! But this will be dependent on whether I have enough money to further my studies.. And this course will take me another 2 years! Well.. let's just take one step at a time and I shall complete my Marketing degree at SIM first... :)

Enough of studies and career! Actually I didnt write this post with the intent of blogging about those.. Things just took its course hahaha. Recently I have been trying out a new product from Uriage which I got from Watsons after a friendly promoter recommended them to me.

You know.. when promoters recommends you their brand of beauty products, I cant help but be a little skeptical about them. Not just me alone, everyone does! At first I felt rude if I were to reject her flat and she  kept saying "Just listen to auntie ok, I'm not stressing you. Can just listen". Hahaha

Uriage is actually a brand from France if I am not wrong, their products are water based!! I have been finding water based products for myself as I have a combination of normal and oily skin around my T-zone. And the prices are not very expensive around 30-ish. Moreover there was a 27% discount in store so I bought some products to try and auntie gave me some product testers!

And it happened lately that I have a series of break outs and blemish so I thought it would be a good time to try. So after a week... I am in love with my skin. A lot of my small pimples have been gone from my forehead - which they never went away despite the numerous range of products I have tried. I am soooo pleased!

I remembered that before I left the store the auntie told me "You can come and find auntie (passes me her namecard) next time when you are free and let me see your skin condition!" I was like wow, she's really confident with her products. And yes I am loving my skin now!

And just a few days ago I found out another easy way to obtain soft curls for your hair.. I was out having dinner and I randomly twisted my hair into a bun as it was kind of warm. And as we left I let my hair down as I cant stand going about with such a bun.. and my hair has a soft wave to it! Decided to try it again yesterday!

So what you need to do is just grab your hair into a ponytail and twist them in one direction to have a tight bun! I suppose that rubber bands are not needed as I just used a clip to hold them in place..

I left it there for about 15 - 30 minutes before letting my bun down. Loosen the bun and here's the results!

If you want them to stay longer in place you can try out styling gels from Liese or styling mist from Fuwarie! 
Hope you girls like it!

Till then!

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