Chocolates and Picnic at Mount Faber

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So boyfriend and I had a night time picnic at Mount Faber this weekend on Vesak Day!
But before I blog about all that would like to thank Sylvie for buying some awesome chocolates from Royce for boyfriend and I. It was a present that was out of no where. Not my birthday, not boyfriend's birthday and she just gave us some chocolates. Maybe she secretly likes me.  Photobucket Anyway thanks Sylvie for the chocolates!

#1 Royce Marshmallow Chocolates.

I never believed that marshmallows would taste nice after they were refrigerated, let alone chocolates + marshmallows. So when I bit into them I was like Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket. White chocolate coating on the outside but it is still soft and chewy on the inside. Ok I take my words back they are good!!

#2 Royce Pure Chocolates

Didnt know what to expect while opening this box and when I saw two rows of individually packed chocolates!! I'm a fan of milk chocolates and boyfriend likes white chocolates so I am secretly competing with him to see who will finish them first wtf.

So after some Vesak day celebrations we had far away at the other end of Singapore at Pioneer we headed back home at 5pm and boyfriend just crashed on the bed like a log as he only slept at 6am that morning. We were going out on a night picnic at Mount Faber so I prepared all the food like a loving girlfriend hahaha.  

Had been trying out potato salads lately because I wanted to bring some to picnic! I was quite impressed by how Amanda prepared a potato salad so effortlessly with just potatoes, eggs and mayonnaise and given that she's just 11 years old. So I also wish to make some yummy potato salad of my own but without mayonnaise.

I dislike mayonnaise cause they smell and taste like milk, cheese and butter all combined into one. It's like asking me to swallow fermented tofu. Even though they may taste nice after eating them together with i.e. fish fillets I would still think they taste funny. I guess it's a psychological thing Photobucket

Hence I tried making them on Friday night without mayonnaise and spammed pepper salt and egg yolks to make them look like a decent potato salad with ham and mushrooms lol. Boyfriend said that it's very nice already just that it's missing some particular flavor like butter or a tinge of vinegar. So that was a motivating comment. Following which my mum got back home from work and I asked her to try some. She tasted a mouth and shouted from the kitchen to make sure I heard her from my room saying "MEI MEI BU HAO CHI LA" which translates to "its not nice" and she left the rest of the bowl untouched  =______= so much for motivation wan.

SO. Unperturbed by it I tried to re-make another potato salad on the next day for picnic while experimenting with proper recipes I found online. Without having to add in mayonnaise!

#1. Oil + Vinegar + Salt + Pepper + Sugar as condiments for the salad.
While pouring out some Vinegar it has already stink-ed up the whole kitchen. But since my recipe book from my Secondary 1 home economics textbook and many recipes online told me it's a necessary ingredient I shall just give it a try. Took some out cooked potatoes to try with this mix and my potatoes tasted like bitter gourds.

#2.  Oil + Salt + Pepper + Sugar
Ok this is basically the same as above just without vinegar. Couldnt even swallow down the potato because it tasted like I'm eating oil euuurghhh.

#3. Butter
And hence my last idea was to try with butter like how boyfriend had mentioned the previous day. And it tastes awesome! It's like eating baked potatos with melted butter on them. And the best part is that I do not have to spam as much egg-yolks in replacement of mayonnaise to make them look like a decent potato salad lol.

So I just added the rest of my favourite ingredients into the bowl and hope it tastes fine. Threw in strips of ham, mushrooms, boiled egg whites, and corn with a tinge of salt and pepper along the way..

Upon finishing up with the salad it was mad rush of fruits-cutting and preparation some Mexican chicken wings before I popped into the shower and be done before 8pm. Actually it's just microwaving some frozen CP Mexican flavored chicken wings but must say that I prepared them to make me sound like a kitchen pro lol.

Potato salad!!

This is me urgently trying to see if they taste nice

And this is boyfriend nomming on potato salad and saying it's very nice. No idea if he was just patronising and giving me motivation or if it's really nice. Hahaha. But just earlier on today he said he missed my potato salad and that's when I know it's really nice HAHAHA.

Enjoying a chilled coca cola with awesome view in front of us.

Another thing we brought along to our picnic is our newly bought remote control cars from Batam to test drive hahaha. That was boyfriend's semi pro sports car and my Ferrari. :P

In case you might be wondering why this two grown-ups here are playing with these toy cars.. It's is because when we were young both of our parents were quite poor and couldn't afford these kinds of toys. Actually my brother had one. But he was too stingy to share it with me so I didnt have any of these until I was 20 yrs old fml.

And because nobody was around I could take self-shots of myself shamelessly hahahaha. 

And we finished everything!! Including the potato salad. Photobucket

Except the fruits because we are too full lol.

And a panorama view of the place taken using the Iphone app Pano!

We left the place around 10pm as we planned to go to Chijmes to watch the FA Cup final at midnight. Meanwhile we picked up Jonathan along the way. For those who know, boyfriend's name is also Jonathan. Hence Jonathan went to pick up Jonathan so there were 2 Jonathan(s) on board the car hahaha.

Digress a bit, Jonathan asked Jonathan if my curfew are gone because surprisingly I could stay out late today into the wee hours of the morning. Which actually made me realise that mummy has been quite relent about my curfew lately as long as I dont hang out too late too often. Once in a while it is still ok :D a few years ago my curfew was strictly at 10pm and she would start calling me at 9pm if I was not home yet. Now and then I could stay out till midnight or so as long as I informed her beforehand. She still thinks I'm a small girl and I would probably get mugged by bad people at night lol. Yea perhaps cause I am still small and short T_T

Back to topic, 2 Jonathan(s) drove around the city area looking for good places to watch the FA cup other than Chijmes as it was still early. We decided to chill at the couple of bars along Prinsep street while waiting for the FA cup to start. Wanted to order some finger food to pass time but stuffs are ridiculously expensive, like 10 piece chicken bites at $12! So the guys decided to just order some beer in the time being.

But came along a snub boss (we presume because of the way he acts) and after we ordered the beer he told us that we need to order a minimum of $60 worth of food in order to open a bill and left. So in other words we have to spend at least $60 among 3 of us to be able to sit at the table wtf.

Didnt know if he did took down our order or what not so we just left the place and decided to catch the FA Cup back at boyfriend's home in the comfort of his sofa and bed and I get to disturb my hamsters Lol. 

Shall end this post with me me me me me! There's 5 me(s) at Mount Faber.

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