Batam Trip! (Day 1)

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Finally after a year or so I am travelling! And my destination would be a 45minute ferry ride away from Singapore at Batam. Went with boyfriend and family and early in the morning songrong was very nice to give all of us a ride to Harbourfront where we are supposed to take our ferry at 10.20am!

I still had a slight phobia from taking long ferry rides ever since my last Tioman trip around the monsoon season of March last year. The ferry was literary bouncing off the waters and almost everyone on board puked pretty much - including me where I swore to take a plane to Tioman should there be another trip next time. Haha. In my experience ferry rides are about cramped seats with stuffy air where staff do not allow you to go out of the cabin to take a breather of fresh air.

We went by Sindo (name coined together using Singapore and Indonesia) ferry where we bought this deal from As we were travelling on a Sunday the cabin was pretty much empty! Much to my relief, the seats are not as cramp and the ferry ride was pretty pleasant. Photobucket

Took lots of pictures along the way. Boyfriend acting like he's asleep with my new rilakkuma eye cover - is that what you call it?!

This picture was taken as boyfriend once took a similar photo like that when he went to Tioman in the past. Wanted to put them side by side but I guess he took it off his facebook already.


And minutes after the ferry has set sail we were allowed to go out of the cabin!
Was super happy because I was quite worried that I might get sea sick if I stayed in the cabin for too long.

Actually I refuse to believe that I have sea sick because I feel like I don't. I can go on an 8 hour fishing boat trip feeling all fine. As long as I get to breath fresh air and look at the surroundings. All thanks to the previous Tioman trip which left a phobia in me haha.

We get to see Sentosa island and Keppel Bay as the ferry went by.

Around an hour or less we reached the shores of batam. And here is a photo of our ferry

With a very welcoming sign when we stepped onto the soil Batam!
(pretty view from the lobby of our hotel floor)

We stayed at Harris Batam Centre which was just next to the ferry custom. Very very convenient :)
As Batam is one hour behind Singapore, we reached around 11am Batam time and we were too early for check-in. The hotel staff was very nice to offer us an early check in - but we will only be getting a room with a city view, not a sea view. So we decided to wait till 2pm for check in. And in the mean time they helped us look after our luggage where we went to explore the nearby shopping centre and have lunch

Welcome drink and a towel for us. I am feeling the hospitality.

We went to Megamall which was just diagonally opposite our hotel for lunch. We saw A&W and I was like Photobucket!! I have never tried A&W but I've heard about all the hoo-haa from my brother and boyfriend and got myself all excited about it. I think I'm the one most excited over there and snapping pictures everywhere. Photobucket

Checking out the counter and deciding what to buy. Can you spot me??
So we actually bought Ice cream waffles, chicken tenders, curly fries, soup and the famous root beer float!

And a picture with the A&W teddy!
I blogged both photos because I thought I looked kinda tall hahah.

And as we were still early and my brother has yet to eat anything, we decided to go walk around and explore their hypermart. And they have everything from TV panels to burgers.

Pop mie at less than 50 cents each.

What we bought! All these for less than SGD 40. And I noticed that people in Batam who went grocery shopping hardly check out with basket-full of items. All of them check out with trolleys!

And we decided to pop by Pizza hut for my brother's lunch.

By the time we finished our second lunch we are able to check in!!

I love how the place has a very energetic and youthful twist with the contrasting colors of green and orange.
The room was very clean and welcoming with a very pretty view.

This is why I mentioned that I feel so welcoming. Haha.

View from our hotel room!

We were all quite tired and boyfriend caught up with some sleep. Waited till around evening before we went to Megamall for dinner. Had to come back to the hotel around 8pm for massage in our rooms!

View from the hotel lift lobby.

We had dinner at Coffeetown which is strikingly similiar to what we have in Singapore - Old Town cafe! Their food is very cheap - at less than $1 SGD for a plate of mee soto / noodles. But the food isnt that tasty and portions are quite small.

After dinner and a massage back in our hotel room we came back to Megamall (again!) to catch a late night movie. Boyfriend said that this movie theatre is newly built and yes it is very clean too! We watched 21 Jumpstreet!

Popcorn and sprite! I had no make up on hahaha.

The movie session ended around midnight and by the time we were back at the hotel it's time to crash.
and this is all for Day 1! Updating Day 2 and 3 in a bit~

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  1. nice photos... i'm from batam...haha...
    happy holiday...

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