Batam Trip! (Day 2 and 3)

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Its the morning of day 2 in Batam and we woke up pretty late. Boyfriend has called up Isabella to come and pick us up from the hotel at 11am so we slept all the way and took some pictures at the swimming pool area while we waited for time to pass!

Outfit of the day: Pink tanktop and crochet shorts. I love those shorts~
But I look so grumpy because I was squinting my eyes from the sun.

I wonder why he always give funny faces while taking photos~

Isabella guy came to pick us up on time!

A welcome drink for us. As it was still early we just booked appointments for our massage at 3pm. We are having a scrub and aroma therapy~ It was so cheap at only around SGD $25 for 2 hours. And it comes with very good service like picking us up from the hotel to our dinner place AND from our dinner place back to our hotel. We can't ask for a better service!

 And we came to the famous Nagoya Shopping Centre and dined at Happiness Restaurant. They serve up pretty good and affordable (cheaper than sg that is) tze-char food in a restaurant setting haha. Food was very nice and we felt that we were back in Singapore.

Proceeded to shopping thereafter and we managed to get some loots! See that Ten Shop on the right? All of their apparels are around SGD10 each where both Joanne and I bought two apparels.

The guys were pretty grumpy having to wait us while we do our shopping... Until they came across several shops selling remote control cars! Compared prices and we finally found a shop which sells cheaper cars and I believe we spent about an hour there.. My brother and boyfriend kept comparing which car was faster, which has a better steering, body kit and such. So the guys actually bought each of them a jumbo sized car (around SGD 65) that could do drifting and all that after an hour of discussion or so. 

I never had a remote control car before so I also grabbed one! I got myself a Ferrari and it cost me around SGD 17. And I made my choice within 5 minutes Photobucket

And we headed for massage session thereafter~

The massage session was soooo good and I actually feel asleep ^_^

As for our dinner location, we planned on going to Golden Prawn restaurant or something after reading fabulous reviews on the internet as well as LadyIronChef's blog. But we decided to go with Isabella's recommendation - Wey Wey Seafood - after we asked them for good locations for seafood.

So after our massage we got on another car (with the same driver) where they fetch us to our dinner place! The place is just behind HarbourBay mall if I am not wrong and there is a stretch of seafood restaurants by a reservoir! Originally we thought that it was by the sea. But as we looked for our location on the map it was actually a big reservoir.

The best dish of the night - Gan xiang crab (sorry don't know what it is in english)

Tucked our bellies full with food! But as compared to our tze char I think the food served there is quite ok. But the awesome location and view makes me enjoy my dinner even more~ The bill topped up to around SGD 15 so I wouldnt say that it is very cheap given that we are in Batam. 

Just after we finished our dinner the driver from Isabella came to pick us up to bring us back to our hotel. Thumbs up for the service! 

On the last day of our trip we had our ferry set for 2pm. So we actually had some leisure time in the morning for a good breakfast in the hotel and spend the last few dollars of our remaining rupiah.

bloated face in the morning~

look at the cute juice dispenser!

As it was still quite early boyfriend and I went down for a quick swim before we came back up and prepare to check out! Threw on the tie-dye outfit boyfriend bought for me while he was in Bangkok!

And here we are back in Singapore again!

The trip to Batam has been great and very relaxing. But we didn't get to visit any beaches so I guess I will want to go back again to experience the other side - the sunny side - of Batam!

And here's my ferrari. LOL. Photobucket

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  1. Hello! dropped by to browse for some info of Batam. Instead it was a whole bunch of your photos. Just saying..

    1. Hi! Oops sorry I guess the title was a little bit misleading. It's been changed :)

  2. Yep. No info for Batam. Just a girl who takes pics of herself and posts it on her blog. Not informative at all and very lame. Please work on your story telling skills. No offense.

    1. Sorry I guess the title was a little misleading. But hey don't take it to a personal level. I have changed it :)

  3. not all those comment was right,

    and remember1 it's personal blog, people can put anything in their blog,

    i'm with you, hahaha

    1. Haha thank you Sulis! That was very nice of you.

  4. Hi, in fact i enjoy reading and seeing your pictures, thanks for sharing.

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