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Found this pair of flipflops in the shoes cabinet and wore it out to accompany my grey top!
Please place your focus on the slippers and not my unpainted nails.

But still, I am happy to see my healthy looking toes LOL. Because I just recovered long not from a 5-year duration of ingrown toenails and I dont wish to paint any substance on them yet!


Boyfriend sprained his ankle during a soccer match and its all badly swollen. Accompanied him to push his leg the other day and the expressions on his face is not a nice sight. Photobucket

And during last week we tried cooking aglio alio.
Our first attempt was a Prawn Aglio Olio and it was a very big success! Photobucket

The next day we tried cooking Fish + Hotdogs Aglio Olio but I guess it didnt bring out the flavor very much. Alio olio with prawns is still a better match. And it was garlic spam lol. My fingers smelled of garlic the whole night despite washing them for numerous times with mama lemon and soap. arghh.

here's some pictures :

I'm just back from Batam and will be updating about the trip in a bit!

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  1. Hey, I am suffering from ingrown toenails for the past few years too. Any advice on how to cure it? :(

  2. Hi shooting stars!

    I feel the pain for you. :( I dont have any really good advices because I am not sure if they do work - but they manage to work for me. What I try to always do is

    - To wear slippers and open toe heels. Whenever I wear shoes or sneakers with socks it always aggravates my condition - where by there will be more growth of substance around the infected area. If there is try to remove it. And should you be schooling maybe can try to get an MC from the doctor to excuse you from wearing shoes for at least a week (or two if possible). It helps to speed up recovery!

    - Keep the area clean. When I visited the doctor the doctor gave me a bottle of disinfectant to clean the area. But I found out that dettol works the same too. Dilute it with some water and soak the infected area for about 5-10 minutes.

    - Dont cut your toenails any more! When I first had ingrown toenails I kept cutting my toenails short (because I always thought that I didnt cut the corner of my nails well and thats why it poked me). But soon i realise that it wasnt the case and I was advised to leave my toe nails and let them grow long - so that the infected wound/flesh would not grow back to cover the area where your nails should be.

    Hope it helps you in some ways!

  3. Oh thank you :)
    I tend to wear shoes to hide my ugly toe :'(

    However, if I let my nail grow, it seem to grow inwards all the time?

  4. Hey shooting stars!

    I remembered replying your comment but I think my comp hang-ed at the previous time when I was about to publish the comment but I guess it didnt get published. :(

    Hmmm dont wear shoes anymore! If you stop wearing shoes for a week or so you will realise that your recovery is a lot faster. People always ask me what happen when they saw my toe and feel very sorry and understanding for me. So dont hide them anymore! People will sure be understanding towards it. :)

    Hmmm as for the toe nail... I'm not sure how your condition is like.. but I believe at the beginning the infected area will cover the area where your nails should be and that is why your nails grow out, they grow inwards into the affected area.. Maybe if you keep the area clean by disinfecting it the affected part will subside a little (and not be too swollen)! :)