Zebra prints

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(Top: Dorothy Perkins; Bottom: Bugis Street)

Wore my favourite zebra prints top!
I love notched necklines because they make me look like I have sexy shoulder bones hahahaha shameless.

Anyway I was lazing at home all day long when I finally decided to go out shopping only at 6 pm. Hence I quickly went to take a bathe and all that since it would take me one hour to prepare and one hour to travel. Wanted to date Shiyun out but she already has plans with boyfriend so I told her I'll go alone instead and she was like "whyyy".


Just kidding.

A lot of my friends usually gave me one raised eye when I told them that I usually do my shopping alone and ask me won't it be weird, just like having your meals in public alone. Photobucket  For a period of time back I used to think that way wan. Must (and it's a need to) have friends to accompany me if I wish to go out shopping or what not. Go shopping also must call friends, go eat during recess also must drag classmates to go with me lol. But I guess I grew out of that thinking. Maybe because I'm more self independent and mature. Or maybe I've aged. T_T

So here are the top few reasons why going shopping alone works
  1. Basically you get to manage time on your own without being answerable to anyone else. I can slowly nua my own sweet time until I get out of my house and no need run down the whole corridor thinking that if I walk I'll probably miss the bus.
  2. While on the bus and train I can take some quiet time and observe all the people around me and spot some fake branded goods. Or daydream..
  3. No friends pulling me into shops that I would hardly step into. Or help my friends look out the kind of clothes they are finding because I feel bad that they have to accompany me and shop my stuffs. ~.~
  4. I can walk past the same store (or floor) again and again and again thinking if I should purchase that particular item until it lands in my hand or I'm self convinced that it's not worth it.
  5. You wont have to feel bad about delaying other people's time should you take too long to consider at any particular shop. It's like going shopping with a group of friends and the bunch of guys will always be standing at the doorway complaining how long we girls take to shop.
  6. And I can call it a day as and when I want! And decide what method of transport I'll like at that point of time to take back home. Trains are faster but they are forever packed like sardines after 6pm where I will forever be smelling armpits and having other people's sweat drip on me fml. Buses are a good option but they go round and round around Singapore before heading for Yishun. Hai. 
Anyway as I was saying I wanted to head to town to do some shopping. But right after I'm dressed up and made up I'm lazy to go that far anymore and decided to just go Northpoint sua. Lol. Buy some Mothers' Day gifts and maybe borrow some books to bury myself in before I sleep  Photobucket

Me and my braces-y smile goodnight!

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