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Since I last blogged! I feel terribly guilty towards all my readers to came by every day or from time to time to read that same blog post about dreams for the past month. Hahaha.

Anyway! I have been very busy lately. Have so many things that occurred during the past month, like Mother's Day celebration, fishing outings, my poly graduation, whipping up things in the kitchen and my brother who finally proposed to his girlfriend of 5-6 years! And not forgetting lots of Diablo 3 wtf. So my day is practically packed from morning till midnight.

Cant believe that I actually brought my camera with me on my graduation day.. only to find out that I left the memory card at home. Can you believe it?!?! Major face palm. SO I didnt really manage to snap much pictures with my friends and all, coupled with the fact that I was rushing home right after my graduation. T___T

Talking about Diablo 3, almost everyone in the household and every one I knew of that was playing this game was rushing to upgrade their CPU, RAM and graphic card. So boyfriend was the technician in his household and he was salvaging which ever CPU parts he could and voila! I've got myself an additional CPU at home now. And of course my own computer wasn't spared in the midst of all this. My hard disk has also been switched to another CPU and all my pictures, documents and files were pretty inaccesible. Not to mention that I have to re-install a lot of applications too.

BUT ITS OK. I have a better CPU now which runs pretty good especially when it comes to gaming. My desktop now has two computer units side by side and boyfriend and I looks like we are both fighting war when it's gaming time.

This weekend is also going to be pretty packed! I will be selling all my pre-loved and my blogshop - Lovelle Boutique - items at cost price ranging from $2 to $10 at Geylang Methodist School Car Boot Sale!!! Do come and drop by if you are staying near Aljunied area!

The details are as follows:

Geylang Methodist School (Primary) Car Park
4 Geylang East Central
Singapore 389706
ADMISSION IS FREE! Refreshments are provided! Don't miss out!
Organized by the GMS Alumni.

See you there!!

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