Singapore River Bumboat Ride

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Singapore River Bumboat Cruise ride!!! One of the rare times where I'm doing a touristy activity other than .. let me think. Going to the zoo? Going up the Merlion and watching Songs of the Night at Sentosa? 

To digress a bit, I just found out a way to resize ALL my photos at one go in photoshop. God why didn't I google about this earlier?? Everytime I blog I have to painstakingly resize each and every single photo one by one to the correct width. And it's quite a daunting task when it's late at night where I feel sleepy and I'll end up procrastinating the whole thing to the next day. Or the day after the next. Or the next next next day wtf.

Anyway, Japer had 4 tickets to the Singapore River Bumboat Ride and asked boyfriend and I to go along. I have no idea what to expect and had to google about it to find out how does a bumboat looks like T_T #shameful. Picked Japer and his girlfriend Nat and we went to Bugis to have dinner before heading over to Liang Court - where it was one of the 4 boarding venues available.

Good ol view of Clarke Quay

Japer and Nat!

And this was the first thing the boys noticed when we arrived there. Nope it's not the logo of the bumboat right, nope it's not the number 2. It's the four digits on it =_=

Me with my comfy flats which I could possible wear it until it disintegrates. lol kidding

Sitting at the booth waiting for the next ride!

In case you are wondering why do I look so pale / sickly, it's because I had no make up on! While I was preparing at home to go out, I thought that I had left my make up pouch in boyfriend's car. But it turns out that it wasn't in his car and that's why I'm bare faced haha. Talking about this.... I have yet to unearth my make up pouch FML. I really need to tidy up my room.

Other passengers alighting the boat.. Spot the place where the 2 causasians were sitting at? The four of us squeezed at the front for the whole ride! Because the open space at the back was fully occupied. Actually it wasn't really occupied, it was occupied by only 4 other people. Just that 4 of them sat so apart from each other with one of them having his leg propped up on the bench made it fully occupied. We tried to sit at each corner of the bench / seat but it was reallllllllly (and visibly) squeezy. But none of the 4 people made an effort to close up the gap and we decided to just go to the front and have the whole view to ourselves wtf. So inconsiderate!

And the bumboat sets sail!!

We went under lots of bridges. It was like a checkpoint of where we went past haha.

The Fullerton Hotel with MBS in the back!! Wasn't really happy with how pictures from our Samsung ST550 camera turned out during night time because no matter how many pictures you take, somehow, and always, the pictures would turn out slightly blurry! It was never sharp until you tried to take pictures with the flashlight. But you would also know that if you tried to take a night scene with flashlight the picture would come out undoubtly BLACK. arghhh.

It's time for a new camera! Boyfriend would like a semi-pro one so that he can take really nice pictures of his fighting fishes for sale so that he would not always have to borrow from his friend. I would like one which has a flip screen so I can take lots of self shots. Hahahaha. But once you talk about semi-pro... the prices are out of my range. Moreover at this period of time I have to start scrimping and saving for my university fees so it's out of the question. 

Pretty street lights!

Boyfriend and I

 Interior of the bumboat!

The ride was about 30 minutes long and we arrived back at our venue! Although it's a touristy activity but I still do not feel like....... a tourist. Perhaps it's just like bringing a penguin on a sight seeing ride around north pole wtf. But nonetheless, it was a relaxing night out and thanks Japer for the tickets!!

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