Fulfilling weekend

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Thought I'd want to write more of an update of my weekend instead of posting both of my Bangkok posts back to back! I had a very fulfilling weekend this weekend just right before my University life starts officially. 

Time flies and before I know it, I've already been on a 4-month long holiday after I finished my internship in February. But of course I also do take up some event based jobs and all that, but this break is definitely much needed after such a long while. As the saying goes "休息是為了走更長遠的路" (A good rest is needed to walk a longer route) hahaha.

And over the weekend I had mahjong together with boyfriend at Andy's house and his girlfriend. Saw his mahjong table and I was like Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket It's an auto mahjong table!!

All you need to do is to push all the tiles into the middle and press the refresh button again and you'll have a fresh set of tiles immediately. Think Andy got this from overseas and had it shipped in and set up all by himself. So amazed by it and boyfriend and I kept taking pictures of it to boast on fb and pretend it's ours wtf.  

But the table is quite thick! And no slots to put your chips. But playing mahjong with an auto table is such a breeze. You dont even have to flip and turn your tiles to make sure every one of them is facing down before you shuffle and I dont have to worry about scratching (or being scratched by) other people with nails. 

Played till it's dinner time and we stayed for a steamboat at Andy's house before we left! 

I also had a trip to Sentosa where boyfriend's friend's (Shui Li) girlfriend (Jenny) had tickets for IDA's family day event and invited all of us to go along with our dogs! I've never brought dogs out for a day other than bringing Whiskey to East Coast Park during a picnic last year. 

Orginally we planned on bringing Whiskey - boyfriend's maltese - out. But he kept on chasing after Shui Li's toy poodle Gingy until Gingy was yelping and Whiskey even tried to attack Shui Li so boyfriend was like NOT GOING TO BRING YOU OUT ANYMORE!! And that's how we ended up bringing the timid Pickles out instead.

Jenny with drenched Gingy and her family.

This was the family day event held by IDA

Boyfriend and I dancing in the sand LOL. It was my first time bringing Pickles out and all I knew about dogs was dog psychology from Dog Whisperer seasons. Felt knowledgeable yet clueless about what to do at the same time wtf. T_T  Then Gingy and Pickles started to run in all sorts of direction that we crossed leash multiple times. 

I was too busy figuring what to do that I didnt notice Gingy started to smell the sand..

Then took a pee!! 

We didnt knew about it until we looked back at the photos and realised that there was a wet spot in the ground LOLOL. 

Pickles where do you want to go??

There were other dogs playing in the water nearby and Gingy started to go after the white wash and started licking the sea water! We thought that he was dehydrated and brought him back to drink water but turns out he's not. Gingy then went deeper into the water until he was able to take a swim!

And Gingy returned to the shore as a skinny Gingy wtf hahaha super puny in size!

And pickles also managed to get his swim after boyfriend had to carry him into the water and let him swim. 
Soon after that Pickles was running all about with his tail wagging in the sky hahaha.

We also set up our Gibbon line! But didnt manage to play it for long because all of the sudden dark clouds were over our head and it started pouring!!! Luckily we still manage to keep everything in time and give the dogs a shower to wash away all the sand.

Both Jenny and I waiting in the car first with the dogs while the guys packed up. Doesn't Pickles look like a kitten from the back of his head??!

Due to the rain we decided to go over to Jenny's house for lunch and chill out before Shui Li drove us back to Burnfoot again. While we were in the car Pickles came over to me, sat on my lap and rested his head on my thigh!! Pickles like me. Photobucket 

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