How I put myself into a vicious cycle

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Prettiest textbook I've ever had. Does all Australia based textbooks or normal books look so pretty?

This week is the official start of my school week, and this time round my school (Singapore Institute of Management) is in Clementi area again, right beside my Ngee Ann Polytechnic which I had graduated from. Hahaha.

Thought that I could finally get out from all those morning jam and peak period but NO. It's yet another 1 and 1/2 years making trips to the east. If you have been reading me for the past one month or two you'll know that I'm furthering my studies at SIM - RMIT Bachelor in Business (Marketing). If not you can click here to read the post! 

Although RMIT has a study culture which is very similar to those in Ngee Ann Poly, where you get lectures, mid sememter test, projects and a final semester paper, I would say RMIT's approach is very different. If I had to put it in other words I'll say it's pretty refreshing.

In my uni (not sure how other uni works) nothing is spoon fed! There are no tutorials.. only lectures throughout the semester where they'll give you a study list to refer to the textbooks. Everything is about pro-active learning and it'll require a LOT of self discipline to reach home, revise the lecture notes and attempt the tutorial questions (and self-mark) before you sleep. In other words if you don't give 2 hoots about revision you are doomed T_T

During our first 2 weeks we will be having RMIT's Melbourne lecturers to come in and kick start the courses. I find that the way they conduct lectures is much much much more interesting than the local lecturers. They share a lot about themselves, used a lot of real life examples, videos to support the theory being mentioned on paper and very interactive with the students. Which I find delight in attending their lectures Photobucket Can you believe I stayed awake throughout the 3-hours long lectures?? I can't wtf. 

One other thing that is different in Uni as compared to poly is the purchase of textbooks. In poly textbooks were only meant as a recommended reference. But in RMIT textbooks are... textbooks. You really need to have them if not you will not understand a single word on the lecture notes. They are too skimpy till a point that nothing makes sense. And textbooks not cheap you know???

I already have troubles about the school fees and now I need to purchase a textbook for almost every module and each textbook's price are worth a week of my living expenses; or a month's worth of transport fees haih. #moneywoes.

Aiya but other than that I'm still enjoying school. Just that I have a big dilemma every morning on what to wear for the day. Usually in the morning once I wake up it will be freezing cold and I'll give myself a mental note to wear long sleeves and jeans after my shower. But right after my hot shower I'll be feeling super warm and wonder what the hell was I thinking half an hour ago. -___-

My school LT hall is quite cold so I have to bring my jacket out. So okay, what to wear with a jacket??? No sleeved or bat-winged blouse because if I wear to wear them with a jacket the sleeves would all be crumpled at my upper arm area and very gao-weh (uncomfortable)!! Hence in the end I'll go ahead leave the house in a sleeveless top with shorts and a jacket. 

When I finally got to the lecture hall it will be so cold again that even with my jacket I'm still shivering. Then I'll tell myself that I'll wear jeans tomorrow wtf. But after my hot shower the next morning again I'd feel so warm and I will NOT want to wear jeans! And put myself into that whole cycle again FTS.

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