How to: Get mermaid waves

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Photos of me which I took last week while writing up a review for Sunplay's products. I'm still in the midst of drafting my Bangkok Part 2 post (no I haven't forgot about it!) so in the mean time I thought I'll blog about my hair!

While I was in Bangkok shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market it was sooo hot and stuffy that I had to tie up my hair. But I didnt want to tie it up with a normal rubber band nor hair clip because it will just leave an ugly wave at the back of my head after I took it off. Like as though someone had forced me to wear a bowl over my head for hours until a round mark is visible. You get what I mean???

So I thought that I would just braid up my hair, and just as well it suited the tourist look with the fedora hat which I was wearing that afternoon. Towards the end of the day when I reached my hotel and loosened my braid, I was like Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Mermaid waves!!

Asked my mum to help me take a picture of my hair and she said that's how girls in her time get their waves (by sleeping with their braided hair) and promptly proceeded to asked why am I so vain -__-

Tried it last week and this was the result!!

So all you have to do is to tie your hair up in a tight or loose braid and perhaps sleep in it if you want it to last longer. Last week I only braided my hair for 15 minutes and the waves also went off in approx 15 minutes. Photobucket So I guess if you want your waves to last for 8 hours you could sleep in braids for 8 hours wtf.

Loosen the braids and you'll get soft mermaid curls!!! If you wish to have your curls last a bit longer you can try out Liese's designing jelly or Fuwarie Prostyle Airy Curl Keeper spray. Photobucket

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