Mentholatum Acnes Skincare Review

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I have been going on and on about Mentholatum products and here are 2 of them again~ (ok this will be the last!) It's their Mentholatum Acnes Skincare facial wash products. Actually I've seen them around in Watsons when I usually shop for facial products together with my BFF shiyun but I guess it just didn't catch my eye.

It's only when I was offered the sponsorship then I realised that Acnes products are for people who suffers from oily skin. My only problem with my face is that my T-zone is oily, other than that it's fine. By the time it's midday my nose will be shiny already even when I'm not in the sun.

Just like the other time when I was having my internship my nose would also go shiny despite the fact that I have been sitting in an air conditioned office since 9am in the morning. T_T then I will have to secretly take out my bright blue facial oil blotter to blot them away without anyone noticing it. Just because I dont want to have that awkward and embrassing moment when people start asking what am I doing wtf. Why cant someone just invent or change the oil blotter sheet to a color that is not so attention grabbing like... light pink?? Then it will be so much better and when people ask me what am I doing I could say I'm putting on some blusher 

Hence when I found out that Acnes product are for people with oily skin I was like okay! Whatever that makes me shine free. #desperate.

Here I have the Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash and Daily Facial Scrub.

The Acnes Facial Scrub actually comes with green and blue beads in them!! The green beads are said to deeply cleanse and unclog pores while the blue menthol beads would give you a cooling and soothing sensation massage. So you can think of it as a 2-in-1 cooling and deep cleansing scrub.

In addition, it contains Vitamin C and E which helps to reduce blemishes and redness while lightening pimple scars. Common misperception is that most people think that all of the cleanser in the market are only for the ladies. But not Acnes Skincare series, which is suitable for people of both gender. 

And boyfriend has lots of pimple scars and I'm going to make him wash his face every day hahaha.

Ingredients: I've only found out recently that a chemical - Sodium Laureth Sulphate - which is commonly found on most shampoos, soap, cleanser, etc could have detrimental effects on our health when used in the long run. Not sure if it is completely true but there's quite a bit of articles online and you could find out more here. And I was pretty surprised that both the Acnes product are free of Sodium Laureth Sulphate!

Texture and feel: Its green and blue beads are clearly visible and when applied onto my face it does gives a cooling sensation which I appreciate because the weather is just SO hot T_T. The blue beads are actually menthol beads so maybe you might want to avoid getting them into your eyes if not they'll sting a bit. But one thing I like about this facial scrub is that it exfoliates my skin at the same time to prevent dead skin cells cloggnig your pores which might result in white-heads and blackheads.

After washing my face with the scrub my face doesnt feels smooth, but instead it feels taut.. which I suppose its good because it feels like my face has been thoroughly cleaned.

The other bottle which I have is the Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash.


Texture and feel: One thing I like about the creamy wash is that it surprisingly foamy. Because in my previous reviews I learnt that pre-mature wrinkles and loss of bounciness in skin are a result of stress caused by cleansing. And with foam it actually helps reduce and cushion the stress while giving you a effective and gentle cleasing experience. 

Cleansing: I would actually prefer the creamy wash to the facial scrub because I dont really have to worry about stinging my eye. Other than that I could feel that my face is completely stripped of oil leaving my face very taut. Hence I would recommend this product to only people who are suffering from oily skin as it might be too strong for people who has dry skin. But do remember to always apply toner and moisturizer after cleansing your face!

As for moisturizer, for people who suffers oily skin like me I would not recommend you to apply normal facial moisturizers you'll find in the market. Go for water-based moisturizer. (I'm using Uriage's moisturizer because all of their products are water-based and I find them really good)

Smell: Scent wise, both the Acnes product has a lemony-citrus scent to it. However I also think it smells quite similar to mama lemon which might be abit strong for my preference.

By the way.. have you notice that they have chosen a guy in the creation of this comic strip?? The message to let you guys know that Acnes products are suitable for people of both gender. So now I can also let le boyfriend use without him giving me excuses that such products are meant for the ladies 

All Acnes products retails between $5 to $10 at Watsons, Guardian, pharmacies and supermarkets so it is a product which is very affordable for all students to get!

Alternatively, you could also 'Like' Acnes (SG) FB page to redeem a 3-step kit sample for yourself to try out the products! :)

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