Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm

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For those who have known / met me in real life, usually the first thing they usually notice about me are.. my eyes? my hair? color of my iris? my clothes? my shoes?

NO. It's my dry lips. FML.

When I hold a conversation with someone.. say selling laptops at the IT Fair or meeting new people.. people will never fail to ask me abruptly in the middle of the conversation "you hardly drink water, is it?". And that's when I will never fail to touch my lips with my hands in embarrassment and go "Oh it's always like that since young". But as time pass I guess I no longer feel embarrassed about it because people has been asking me about it from time to time for the past few years =___=

Aiya actually I didnt blog with the intention of this content but maybe I'll tell you about the story of my lips since we are at this topic!

These are my lips on a slightly better condition.

But actually I wasnt born with lips like that. It was only in primary school when my parents, teachers, or child care teachers started to notice my lips. I guess it started off with sores or cracks at the corner of my lips, like what you would probably experience after you have been in a very cold country for a few days. You'll get cracks at the corner of your lips and when you open your mouth in the morning to brush teeth, the corner cracks and you get that momentarily intense pain.

Just that I get that almost every day, and days turned into months that I am possibly used to the pain wtf.

During the early days everyone including myself thought that I just lacked water and was dehydrated. Considering the number of glasses I drank everyday was below the recommended amount of 8 glasses a day. Maybe I only hit 5.

But then as time pass, my mother decided to bring me to see a doctor about my lips but my doctor just couldn't figure out what's wrong with me but just gave me advice like drinking more water, to avoid eating raw food (as uncooked food usually have more bacteria on them), and ... to avoid lip contact when I'm eating, especially oily stuff WTF. I was like how do you do that??? How do you slurp on noodles without your lips touching the noodles? Or maybe eat a chicken wing without getting your lips oily?

But I guess I'm already a master at that wtf. If you ever notice how I eat, I dont ever slurp on noodles with the chopsticks. I will always place a nice portion of food on the spoon, open my mouth realllllllly wide to fit the spoon in and eat. Or if I really have to bite something off the chopsticks you'll find out that I do it in a way that my lips wont touch the food. None of you have ever noticed right!!! See I told you I'm a master at it =___=. The reason why I do this is because usually if my lips comes in contact with too much oil or chilli I'll have sore lips haih.

And like how my doctor said, if I do not take great care of my lips, my lip line will slowly be gone. And if you refer back to the picture above you'll see that I already do not have a clearly defined lip line anymore. 

My lips are also peeling every other day it's actually quite in a bad condition. But actually things are also not that bad, because this problem tend to make my lips pale where it makes me look sickly. And why is this good? Because during my schooling times my friends always told me that I could just go up to the teacher and told him/her that I'm not feeling very well and I need to go home and rest. But aiya being the good student of course I didnt tried it! Or maybe not :P

But no matter what I need to have a lip balm with me everywhere I go. And that brings me to the main topic of this post..

I was given 2 different flavors of the Organic Lip Balms for a review! They are said to contain:
  1. African Organic Shea Butter - Soothes & heals dry lips
  2. Spanish Organic Oil - Fights ageing and prevents chapped lips
  3. Argentinean Organic Jojoba Oil - Provides long lasting hydration 
  4. Columbian Organic Coconut Oil - Softens skin for silky smooth lips
Besides, they also contains Vitamin E which acts as antioxidant to repair dry chapped lips and prevent fine lines. Flavors were also made from natural source for a safe and refreshing sensation. 

I really like the light green and simple packaging because it reflects the whole idea behind the lip balms - of going organic! The design of the lip balms is also minimalistic and they are available in 2 flavors - Raspberry & Strawberry and Lavender & Orange. You can differentiate both the lip balms by the fruit prints on the lip balm!

Did you know not everyone can list their products as organic in the market? They would have to go through certain verfications and this Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm range is certified Organic by GZCC Organization! Now I feel that my lips are in tenderly cared for lol.

Here's a photo of me applying it... Of course I dont do it go glamourously but it's only for photography's sake lol!

After application:

Texture: It is quite creamy and smooth where it is easy to apply on my lips. It doesn't leaves a greasy feeling behind and instead it makes it look like I've just applied lip gloss!

Shine: I like how it gives my lips a natural shiny finish, instead of the normal oily finish if I used petroleum jelly instead.

Stay on power: The lip balm actually manage to stay on my lips longer than I expected! And I can actually feel that my lips are in a slightly better condition just right after my first application. So it's a thumbs up!

Scent: Both the flavors -  Raspberry & Strawberry and Lavender & Orange - have a very nice scent. I have been smelling both of it trying to decide which one I liked better and I finally decided on the Raspberry and Strawberyy because of the berry and sweet scent which puts me in a good mood LOL.

Color: Both the lip balm are colorless!

And have you noticed that both of the 2 lipbalm packaging have different percentage figure of the organic content? I find that really interesting!

If you wish to get your hands on these lip balms, the Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm series is available in Raspberry and Strawberry and Lavender and Orange flavours where they are both priced at $7.90 each! You will be able to find them in Watsons, Guardian, NTUC and SASA stores! 

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