Selling Samsung ST 550

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Hi guys! Boyfriend and I was thinking of getting a new camera so we are hoping to sell our current camera - Samsung ST 550 - away. This camera is pretty light and really a good camera for me, seeing that I'm taking selcas 80% of the time. Specs wise you could google them up! 

Most of the pictures of my blog were taken using this camera so you could judge the picture quality for yourself. But one thing I would miss most about this camera is that hardly anyone would reject a photo taking request from you.Photobucket

When I wielded a camera-phone in my hands in the past, asking my friends for a picture is equivalent to asking them for a thousand bucks. Most of the time reason being is that they said somehow or somewhat they would look funny in the picture. And among those bunch of people I'm one of them wtf.

To be really truthful I cant really bear to part with it leh T_T  It was my first camera and taking selcas is fuss free without having to take 20 pictures and only choosing 1 decent one out of the bunch. Then with the auto smile capture function it's almost hands-free for me when I'm doing my reviews! If I had to rate it by convenience it'll score 11 out of 10 wtf. 

BUT. The old would have to go to make way for the new so I'll keep telling myself that. Here are more pictures taken using my iPhone.

Fully touch-screen.

Anyway, the condition is not pristine new and other than a few scratches here and there I think the screen has a little bit of pixel issue at the bottom which I'm not very sure what it is. Another clearer shot to clarify. But it doesn't affects the performance in anyway so it's fine by me.

One other issue would be that the charging port seems to have went in a bit. But charging wise everything is ok and the whole camera is fully functional. Both the front and back screen has a screen protector from Day 1.

Place where you put the batteries and memory card.

Camera is fully functional and comes with 2 batteries, 8GB Micro SD memory card, Leather Casing, Charger and the original box. We bought it at $500 and would like to sell it off at $250!

Price is still negotiable but if it's a fast deal we could let it go at $200. Photobucket

For any enquiries please feel free to contact me via my email at or via my Facebook!
Alternatively if you would prefer an instant reply you could contact my boyfriend Kejun at +65 8388 0665.

Please help me spread the word if possible! Many many thanks! 

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