Things to do in Bangkok (Part 1)

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During last weekend I went on a 4d3n trip to Bangkok! The last time I went to Bangkok was presumably 8 whole years ago. Have heard so much about how Bangkok has changed which makes me want to go over there for some time now, but my mum was pretty convinced that there was nothing to buy in Bangkok ever since the last trip (8 years ago!). And when we returned she was the one with the heaviest luggage at 22kg hahaha.

And this time round boyfriend was the tour leader again as he's more familiar with Bangkok and brought us around! It wasn't an task bringing my mum and I overseas as my mum has lots of places in mind and I wanted lots of shopping wtf. But I guess (and I'm lovingly glad) he survived. Photobucket

Budget Terminal @ Changi Airport

Because we are going budget it's practically fuss free and we get to climb a flight of stairs to board the plane!

Settled in on plane! The window seat is always reserved for my mum because she likes the view. When I was young my mum always put me at the window seat, my brother in the middle and she'll take the aisle seat. In that way I won't be able to escape and run off everywhere in the plane wtf. I was only 10 years old when I took my first plane ride with Singapore Airlines and it was a 7hour midnight flight to Brisbane. There was in-flight gaming and all that so I sneakily woke up in the middle of the night to play Mario! But in the end I got pinched in the arm because my mum found out about it hahaha what a memory.

I always have a love hate relationship with all 3 seats. I like the window seat the best because I like the view and the extra space by the side where I can usually plop a pillow against it and sleep in comfort. But then again if I want to go to the lavatory it's such a big troublesome. Everyone will be fast asleep by then and it makes me feel bad having to wake everyone up to let me through. Then if I sat by the aisle I don't have to worry about that but there won't be any good view. And with the middle seat I get a little of the best of both world so I'll just sit in the middle sua T_T 

Finally reached Bangkok! But I realised that in Bangkok airport you'll have to spend quite some time in a queue to get your passport verification done and all that. And boyfriend brought us to the basement to take the express train to Phayathai Station! (where all the shopping and our hotel situated are near by) 

Do remember to get the 2 way tickets because it'll be cheaper. And personally I think taking this express train is the best lo because it's very spacious and fast to reach Phayathai. Only about 20-25 minutes and it offers you great view of the country!

Ticket station! Some pictures came out blur because I was taking them while on the move and forgotten to double check the photo after I've taken them :P

On board the train! It was quite a pleasant surprise when we boarded the train because I wasn't expecting it to be this nice. I thought it will be something like the MRT we have in Singapore hahaha.

My mum helping both of us to take a picture and she had to take a timely picture of me when I was trying to wet my lips lol. My lips became very dry after the flight and I cant spread my lips too much to smile wtf. So I had to wet my lips with my tongue as a last minute resort. Hahaha. But please don't do this on a normal day because by wetting your lips with your tongue it will only leave you with drier lips.

Reached Payathai station and we were trying to flag down a cab!
Paid around 100 baht for the taxi driver to drive us to our hotel - Bangkok City Hotel.

Some of my friends are going to Bangkok soon so I try to remember as much details as possible. Most cab drivers, taxis and tuktuk alike will usually open/state their price at 100 baht for a ride. But since we have so much luggage with us we paid 100 baht. So in case you are wondering,100 baht is around SGD 4.

But throughout the trip usually boyfriend and my mum will request to go by metre rate if it's a taxi and 50 baht if it's by tuktuk. Fare trips to Platinum mall, Chatuchak, Siam Sq, Paragon all cost us around 50 baht per ride. Unless it's on a rainy day! All the taxis will double up their price to 200 baht and my mum was like strictly 100 baht hahaha. Never try to earn a penny too much from my mum hahaha. 

Signs on the taxi ride.
 Boyfriend asked the driver what will he do if he farted and the taxi uncle jokingly said he must pay more lol.

We stayed at Bangkok City Hotel. It's only around SGD 60 per night for a triple room so technically each of us only paid SGD 20 per night. Cheap right!! And it's quite a decent hotel where almost every taxi driver knows of it and it's near to everywhere.

Our room! It's actually very nice and there's even a bath tub in the toilet! Everything is ok just that the floor might be a bit dirty with a bit of dust here and there. So in the end all of us wore our slippers in the room!

After settling down we went to Platinum mall for lunch first before we start our shopping.

Mother of lord look!!!!! There are shoes, bags, clothes everywhere and I was already hyperventilating when I got there. Dont know where to start hahaha. See that mustard wedges in the picture?? I wanted to get those but I guess I wont be able to wear that out often because it's made of suede material and Singapore almost rains year-round. 

The shoes are priced at around 500-800 baht for high heels though. Do your conversion into your own currency if you are interested!

Different category of item on each floor

Night vendors by the street at night.

And we had Swensen's icecream for dinner because it is just too cheap. 
The apple and cranberry flavor is major yum! 

Got some cotton candy for 20 baht before we decided to head back to the hotel to have some rest.
The thing about Bangkok is that most shopping malls close at 7pm! Can you believe? Most of the times after dinner we could only walk around to see if any street vendors that sell clothes are still open. 

And I can't believe we walked back to our hotel from Platinum shopping mall Photobucket. It was quite an experience because we get to walk past quite a few streets and mini food stalls. But why I said it was an experience because it made me learn to appreciate the flat ground and pavements we get to walk on in Singapore. In Bangkok the streets are either indented with an unsuspecting hole or there will be a large rock in the way where I have to walk with my eyes fixed on the ground so that I dont trip and fall. 

Leftover cotton candy the next morning.
We headed to MBK as my mum wanted to find the local delicacy products to buy back.

And boyfriend!

But actually there's not a lot to buy in MBK other than local products. Just some nice (and expensive) handicrafts to look at.

And after that all of us started on a conquest to find the Deliya bakery somewhere in Siam street! We walked over from the nearby MBK and it took us quite a while before we manage to locate it. Thank god boyfriend has data plan and we were able to depend on it for direction - although we also got lost for quite a while. Hahaha. But at Siam street here also have some streets to walk (similar to bugis street). Just that we were there around 12+ and not many shops were opened.

And we found Deliya on this street!

We kept on looking for Deliya because 8 years ago my mum came here and bought their pineapple tarts home to eat and was hooked forever lol. Therefore she had to buy some back this time round. It's easy to google about Deliya's outlets because I did try googling for it and there was so many people raving about it online. And we left the shop with around 10 of them wtf. 

It was so heavy that we just decided to have dinner at the food court in Paragon to try out the local cuisine and head back to our hotel to drop our items first before going out again. 

Pad thai! When we arrived at the foodcourt boyfriend insisted that we sat a table with a fish tank hahaha
And if you have time in Bangkok maybe you can go visit their underwater world at Paragon's basement!

We didnt have time to go in so we just took a few pictures at the area.

First attempt: Blur. But I'm posting this picture because somehow I looked like I've got slim legs!! 

2nd attempt: Ok but boyfriend's eyes are closed.


My mum suggested that I stand behind the snail deco for picture taking and after we left the rest of the people also started doing the same haha!

And we rode a tuk tuk back!!

So after we have dropped off our things at the hotel we went out again. This time to the famous 4 face-buddha temple (is that how you describe it??) somewhere near Paragon. But it was also at this place that my mum got chopped vegetables for all the joss sticks and flower rings by one of the vendors just outside the temple.

What happened was that the taxi driver dropped off at one side of the temple where there was only one vendor selling joss sticks and all that on that stretch of road. So without much thought my mum just asked them what was normally needed. Then the vendor owner started to give her joss sticks.. followed by flower rings... and slowly added more things to her like small sheets of paper which I dont know what it was for. Later on the vendor also decided to give me too so we will be purchasing 2 sets of items.

And when my mother asked how much it would cost they quoted us 1200 baht!! That's like 48 sgd bucks wtf!! Then when my mum turned to see me holding a set of items too she was shocked and said we only needed one set. Ok so one set was 600 baht. But still expensive so my mum said we didnt need the flower rings and all that and returned the whole bag to them. The vendor then quickly say "oh then it's ok maybe you dont need this" and proceeded to take out the 4 square sheets of paper and said only 400 baht will do.

But do 24 joss sticks and 4 flower rings costs SGD 16?? 

Got a feeling we kanna chopped by the vendor and I told my mum to just return everything. But being my mum she strictly believe that offering items and such there is no negotiating for the price to be sincere so we ended up paying that amount. When we continued to walk later on we only found out that locals bought 2 sets of joss sticks and all the flower rings for only 100 baht! Wtf seriously I cant stand people who try to scam in the name of God. I think my mum also quite sad that she got scam lo. Maybe someday such people will get their karma. If not in this life then maybe the next!!

I sound quite mean la but seriously what I think they are doing is so .... !! Maybe I'm still ok if it's a normal shop and if I'm an shopper who didnt do my homework to find out about the price then I deserve to be scammed. But when it comes to religious stuff and scamming in the name of God it put things into a whole new level. I hope your conscience will eat you at your soul every day at night -__- Talking about this just makes me angsty! Cool down cool down chillax.

After the whole incident we went walking around and found ourselves at Platinum shopping mall again! And boyfriend bought a neck rest for only 2 bucks hahaha.

Streets at night!! 

We were thinking of having steam boat for the night since we walked past many food stalls the previous night and saw many people eating green curry steamboat or tom yum goong! And we found a very nice food stall just below/near our hotel! Almost everything is soooo nice. And cheap! The total bill only cost about 600 baht, considering that their seafood soup have lots of ingredients in it like prawns, sotong and even crab! I dont know what's the name of the stall but maybe you can keep a look out for the steel tables.  :D

Very excited about my loot for the day and quickly went back to the hotel to try them on after dinner. Bought BFF and myself this pair of floral shorts! Not exactly the nicest shot that I could get but this pict has the nicest lighting to bring out the color haha.

Major love


Together with floral headband and crochet top too. Photobucket

Happy loot for the day. 

Heading for bed now because I spent lots of time trying to do up this post and it's getting late! My university life has just started today and it was great! But more about it next time Photobucket

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